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I just wanted to let you know how happy I am with the system that I bought from you in 2012.

When we bought our new property & found out how much it would cost to bring power poles in, I was excited to have an excuse to check out solar. I figured out our power needs & then contacted every local solar power dealer & installer in the Montana/Idaho region.

I was repeatedly frustrated in my attempts to get a straight answer on cost, being told by many that they would have to come look at the place first. I was told that I wouldn’t be able to install it myself, despite having some electrical experience (I had wired my previous house start to finish). I was even “mansplained” to, told that the 4500 watts I had calculated was not enough power “because you can’t run curling irons & blowdryers.” (I don’t own either!) I was also told that you can’t just go solar without propane, despite the fact that I never asked for said advice.

So, I was absolutely delighted to speak with Todd at Unbound Solar, who had a price for me within minutes, assured me that I could set it up myself with my electrical experience, and simply accepted my assessment of our electrical needs without offering unsolicited or condescending advice. I purchased the system for $12,000, saving myself $5,000-8,000 in installation costs.

When it arrived, every single component was there & the confusing parts were already done for me. The charge controller, inverter, etc. were connected properly to each other & default settings seemed to have been set for my environment. While installing, I called Todd repeatedly with questions. Not only did he spend many patient hours on the phone with me, he knew the system inside & out and never had to refer me to a tech department.

After 6 years of heavy use & even abuse (batteries are in an unheated shop in a climate that regularly sees sub-zero temps & we run them completely dead often in the short, dark days of winter), our system is still working perfectly. And, since installation of power poles alone would have cost $12,000, the system has paid for itself at least 1 & 1/2 times already. I recommend your company every chance I get.

Angela D., February 2018

My company’s relationship with Unbound Solar started almost two years ago, when I had given up trying to work with local solar companies and started searching the web for a company interested in more than just sales. My initial

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inquiry was promptly replied to by Jeremy (Champt) and we’ve been working together ever since. Jeremy answered lots of questions and really engaged me in the design of a new solar power system for our remote broadcast sites. Jeremy’s advice is honest and insightful, and we have been purchasing solar components from them for one-and-a-half years now. If you want to work with a solar company that honestly wants to help you, Jeremy and Unbound Solar come with my highest recommendation.

Orion L., January 2018

I installed a small solar system on an island in Canada 10 miles from town by boat. Even though I had never done an installation before the wiring diagram they provided was custom to the job. I still had questions along the way and the staff always took the time to help, particularly Jeremy Champt who spent a lot of time with me. This was essential since my location was so remote. At one point a key piece of equipment failed and the manufacturer wouldn’t make good on the warranty, so Unbound Solar stepped in and gave me credit for the entire amount, plus express shipped a replacement piece of equipment to me . I couldn’t have asked for anything more.

Ger M., January 2018

Amazing service! I have been looking for a reasonable DIY solar kit off and on for years. After coming across unbound solar I had a few questions. Wil Burlin answered my first few random questions in detail. From the first response I felt like I was respected and valued as a customer. Which is pretty rare these days. I had lots of questions, even as I closed in on the kit I wanted I had design changes several times. But every request was thoroughly answered. The real win came after the sale. As I worked through various permitting questions and even had to have electrical diagrams redrawn I was still treated as a valued customer. How refreshing. I should also mention that kit was very well put together. The racking system designed for my house was awesome and easy to work with. All the details where addressed down to the required labeling for the service panel and disconnect switches. I would highly recommend Wholesale solar to anyone looking for a kit at a great price and fantastic service before and after the sale.

Doug N., December 2017

I was completely inexperienced about buying and installing my own photovoltaic system but Unbound Solar and Wil Burlin were exactly what the doctor ordered at exactly the right time. These guys (and gals) are not your typical online company. I couldn’t have been more comfortable had I been standing in their lobby. These guys made the process easy and I saved thousands of dollars. Wil answered every stupid question I had and guided me through my options and when necessary, answered my Emails or returned my calls immediately. The Unbound Solar web site is chock full of great educational material and videos. They even had installation videos that my highly experienced and skilled installer found extremely helpful and, by their own admission, helped them finish my job in just 2 days instead of the 3 to 4 it normally takes them. One shipment of racking material was damaged during shipment and Noelle McBride of the Customer Service Department replaced them immediately when I took pictures and sent them to her. I learned the importance of taking pictures of any damage by watching yet another video on how to receive the shipment. I highly recommend the professionals at Unbound Solar. My experience was amazing and yours will be too! They put the SOUL in SOLAR……..

Chip R., December 2017

I searched for an off grid solutions for 5 years. Finally discovered UNBOUND SOLAR INC. WOW what a welcome change, finally people who knew what options and equipment to put together and how we can build a lifestyle not crimped and scavengers in the wilderness. Here Michigan struggles with a new industry in it’s infancy, plagued with scammers, incompetent fly by night suppliers, and even one who took our $600 deposit and made up services and an invoice for fraudulent items, we never received. Lead the way Unbound Solar we are following YOUR LEAD, thanks to your entire team, without you -we would NOT be chasing our Dreams and living Off Grid today! Call them you will be glad you did!

Mike W., September 2017

Unbound Solar and John Grenvik where a pleasure to do business with. John returned my emailed questions with a phone call or email back almost immediately every time! The small package I got, with some upgrades, is comprised of top quality components at competitive prices. I found it interesting and quite unusual that John would not let me up-size my battery bank beyond what my panels would support on my off grid system, as he said I would be destroying the batteries by their not getting a full charge. How’s that for looking out for the customer even at the expense of additional sales?

Steve C., August 2017

Back in the middle of 2016, I ordered a thirty panel system that was supposed to be installed on my house roof, front and rear. As I was looking and looking at the roof, I had to try to convince myself to go on that roof to do the installation. I figured I’d have to pay someone about $500 to do most of the mounting and I would do the wiring. I have a friend who I found out installs commercial solar systems, so I picked his brain. Then, during his answering a lot of questions, he suggested the following: “Why don’t you let me install the system? You won’t get the NYSERDA (New York State something or another agency) rebate if you install it yourself. I’ll do the system and take the rebate”. I thought about saving $500 by not hiring someone to do most of the work. I thought about not having to learn how not to install a solar system as I was installing my solar system. I’ve added approximately $24,000 to the value of my house and, aside from the almost $17,000 I paid for the system parts and materials, all it cost me to have my system professionally installed was a $5,700 state rebate which I wouldn’t have received anyway if I installed the system myself. While my review may be long-worded, I can sum up my entire experience with Unbound Solar in two words: win win. Thank you, Jeff Blick!

Willard B., July 2017

I did a lot of research and Unbound Solar kept coming up with the best reviews, plus local people that had worked with Unbound Solar previously raved about them. I contacted Unbound Solar and was paired up with Cheyenne (designer / sales engineer) as my contact. I know I bugged her to death with calls and questions, but she ALWAYS treated me with respect and patiently answered all my questions (treated me with customer service rarely found in today’s world). Pricing and shipping were excellent. I have had to contact Technical support, again nothing but outstanding service, Josh is one in a million. The entire staff at Unbound Solar have been nothing but helpful and supportive each time I have contacted them. It is and has been a truly wonderful experience working with everyone there.

Gene S., July 2017

What can I say other than the best quality of product and even more important, the best support for DIYers that one could wish for when choosing to take on a solar project of any size. I did a 4.48KW systems for my mom’s residential home in Los Angeles, where the city has by far the strictest codes and regulation in all of California if not the whole U.S. But these guys were with me every step of the way! I personally worked with Alden Silber who made me feel like I could not ask for enough help, information and guidance at every step of the Project. I could only imagine that there are many if not all of their associates that support at this level but if you decide to move forward REQUEST ALDEN as your rep! I can only speak for him and he Kicks A** 😉 Thank you Alden! Thank You Unbound Solar! I will always return and refer. P.S. My Mother Thanks You Too 🙂

Eddie K., June 2017

This was my fourth solar install, and second time working with Unbound Solar. JC helped me out both times (two years apart) and was highly knowledgeable, helpful and responsive both times. This was a mobile install (roof of 42 foot motorhome – 1Kw), and Wholesale did not carry panels of an appropriate size for my application – so I sourced the panels elsewhere. But I got everything else (controller, wiring, combiner boxes, breakers, etc.) from Wholesale. I pretty much knew what I wanted when I called, but JC was nevertheless able to make some worthwhile suggestions for improving my plan, which I took and am glad I did. System is up and running and post sale support has also been excellent

Michael C., May 2017

Living along the Pacific coast just south of San Francisco created some real challenges in installing a solar system myself. Although the area that I live in is rural in nature, the regulatory hurdles faced were those of a major metropolitan area. I had to go through a planning department review and then the building department. The standards and supporting documentation requirements were very exacting.

I felt that Wholesaler Solar and my contact there, Jeremy, were critical to me being able to navigate through the regulatory challenges successfully and in filling in the gaps in my knowledge.

The component parts of the system that I purchased from them were uniformly of very high quality and very well documented. They made the project doable. I can’t recommend them highly enough.

-Bill H. Dec 14, 2016

I am a Dutch guy that has a second home in the Bahamas. I ended up in California because no dealer was so helpful in answering my questions as good as Unbound Solar.

I needed something to feed the entire house, and when I need more the grid kicks in.

If you write a mail, normally people answer the first question and stop reading. Or do not answer at all. Not at Wholesale solar. My sales representative Anna answered every single question in clear DIY language. Understandable even for me ’cause I am Dutch and never worked with electricity before. Even the moststupid question was not too much. Really appreciated.

After the money was wired she kept me updated and send me pictures of the entire set. It was a long journey from California to Miami to Nassau and finally to the island, but it came and nothing was damaged.

Although everything is kinda plug-and-play it was a lot of work building the rack and mounting everything. But it took me 2 weeks and I only worked a couple of hours a day ’cause of the heat.

Even afterwards I can call, e-mail and no question is to much. I had some issues in understanding the system but Josh was so helpful and even calling me back several times was not a problem at all.

Everybody on the island is exited and I think I have a new customer from the local store who is very interested after my talk.

I am back in the Netherlands now, and see that the first days the grid meter has not moved at all. I think I am a very happy customer 🙂

Keep up the good work folks!!

-Jorgen H,
Sept 7, 2016

I’d like to compliment your technical support man, Josh Rice, for the invaluable help he’s given me on two occasions. Though he must be weary of hearing from frustrated customers all day, I never felt that he was trying to be rid of me. On the contrary, his desire to help was genuine, and when our phone calls were dropped, he phoned me back to lead me through my problems. When it’s time for promotion and raises, he deserves both.”

-Arthur J,
Jun 16, 2016

I contacted Unbound Solar last August to get help with the design and cost of a solar system for a medium size home completely off the grid. They put me in contact with one of their design pros, Jeremy Allen. Jeremy was absolutely the best salesperson I have ever dealt with. He was so helpful, knowledgeable, accessible, and professional that I never even looked at another solar company. I made one cost comparison on the Rolls/Surrette batteries with Interstate Batteries in Ontario, CA. They told me they couldn’t beat the price. That was all I needed to hear.

Jeremy had a complete system package for me the next day. We worked on some minor details and tweaks and I believe I put my order in the next day. Due to some logistics re/ our property and other work we had to do first, we took a few months between getting the system and actually building and installing it. I can tell you that Jeremy received many calls from me wondering how in the world this thing went together and he was right there with the answers every time. I was so impressed with his knowledge and help, it was a true blessing…

The customer service of the entire company is remarkable, from the time the receptionist answers the phone until you hang up, you will not be disappointed…

By the way, the solar system runs my house, microwave, toaster, hair dryer, washing machine, computer, 65″ big screen, propane gas heater, et al., with little or no back-up..

Thank You Very Much, Jeremy Allen and Unbound Solar

-Russell W, Off The Grid
Feb 19, 2016

During the first week of October 2015, our solar array was struck by lightning. The strike was systemic: It took out not only the system, but the refrigerator and backup generator too. We live completely off-grid; power isn’t available here. We have bought products from Unbound Solar in the past.

After submitting a claim through our homeowner’s insurance policy, we called Unbound Solar. Anna Hutchinson became our representative. She listened as we explained our situation (probably told in more detail than necessary). She was patient and genuinely concerned with helping us resolve our lack of power.

She has stuck with us and helped with every question and provided us with answers to the seemingly endless issues that popped up. We detailed our power usage to Anna and she guided us to Unbound Solar’s Ranch off-grid package, which will best fit our needs. Our insurance company approved the purchase.

Anna had previously mentioned that Unbound Solar sells generators. As I stated earlier, our generator was no longer functioning. We began to discuss with Anna our options, and she felt a particular Kohler unit would be best. Our insurance company approved that purchase also.

We now have all the components to restore our power. We are now in the installation phase. Mostly, my husband and I would like to recognize how crucial, knowledgeable and caring Anna has been through a really rough time for us. We always knew she was only a phone call away when we had questions or concerns.

We feel she is an asset to your company, we can not overstate how important her input was or how secure we felt knowing she was there. If she was not available to immediately take our calls, she would call back within an hour, or sometimes, minutes. She never once left us hanging.

On occasion we spoke to Todd; he was also helpful, courteous and knowledgeable. The fact that Unbound Solar employs such a high class of people says everything about the company itself. We will continue to work with Unbound Solar in the future.

We live in a solar community, and we have and will continue to recommend Unbound Solar.

Rebecca and Larry
Feb 5, 2016


Again, I want to thank you for your help. The intention of this email is to be forwarded to your bosses, so they know about the kind of service you provided me.

I experienced a crisis in the second week of January, during subzero temperatures, at my off-grid cabin. It has a generator, inverter, and battery system. The crisis was a combination of three calamities: the generator wouldn’t start, six of my 16 batteries “burned up”, and the Mate 3 became nonfunctional. I contacted Josh, and over a 5 day period we were able to fix the problems and the system has been running just fine since then. Josh was calm, which helped me during my worries; he didn’t talk down to me and listened to my ideas; he was knowledgable and had my confidence; he didn’t cut me off and leave me frustrated; he arranged the replacement of the Mate 3 with Outback; he explained things in an understandable manner; he took me through things in a step-by-step manner; and was practical in his approach. I am a 63-year-old professional and I do not think I have ever had this kind of service before. Thank you.

Stephen K
Wholesale solar has fulfilled our off grid dream. With just 12 250 watt panels and 8 s530 rolls batteries we have so much power we don’t know what to do with it. Their service and phone tech service is top notch.

Burt Hulbert
Dear Unbound Solar,
I just wanted to take a moment to express how wonderful my experience with your company was. This is a picture of our off grid cabin in the Rockies (see above). Dream come true thanks to you. I installed everything with only the help of only my kids. Our dream of living off grid with solar would not have been possible with out the patience, knowledge and help from Wil or Josh from Unbound Solar. You two…..can’t say how grateful I am to you!!!

Thank you so much!

Our goal was to be able to remain in our home during the extended power outages after hurricanes strike our rural northern Florida area. We had experienced a 12 day outage followed by another with a five day outage. Motel and restaurant costs got expensive. We had to find a reliable source of power to run emergency essential electrical loads so we could stay in our home during emergencies. Our 15 KW generator has to run at least 18 hours a day to keep the fridge and freezer cold enough–it’s noisy and guzzles gasoline at the rate of 1.6 gallons per hour. We thought a solar system might reduce the run time, expense and racket. Our quest for answers began with very little knowledge.

Your company provides a little known service….high quality customer service. Keep up the great job. —G. E. Salzman

Dear Unbound Solar,

It has been about four months since I threw the switch on my grid tie system and wanted to send you a note of gratitude and possibly a message to those whose situation is similar to mine. I initially started my solar investigation with quotes from local companies in the Las Vegas valley and quickly became frustrated at the high cost and slow return on investment. By chance I ran across your website one evening and it changed everything!

After a phone call to you the next morning it became clear I could source quality name brand components, your expertise, and with my handiness, I could begin my project where I could control the design, cost, and installation. It took a bit of a learning curve, but with your advice and learning the local permitting and net metering process, I was ready to go. My vision was a new patio structure on the Southside of the house that would cover the pool/HVAC equipment, shade the bedroom wall, and have solar on top. A triple win.

Although this project took several months to design and complete it was well worth it. It has actually exceeded our estimated production expectations these last four months by ~7%. I could not have done this without you. Your staff was super nice, knowledgeable, and delivery of the various components went smoother than I could have imagined. So a heartfelt Thank You for allowing me to make this project a success. Also with the money I saved it will have a super quick return on investment…and does not look too bad either.

Sincerely, Eric K.

Hi everyone,I just wanted to extend a big “thank you!” to your entire team. I am extremely pleased with my recent order and I can’t wait to get it installed. Every step of the process has been great and the people I spoke with on your team were cheerful and helpful. I wish more companies were like yours. I also had a great experience with the shipping company Conway. Their tracking system is quite good and everything arrived in flawless condition. Not even a nick on any of the packages. Thanks so much!

Regards, Justin H.

Issac,Thank you for your follow up of the solar system I purchased from you. Yes, I configured and installed the system myself, with the help of my roofer for the racks and panels, and it has been working great since the end of November 2010.

Solar production is good, but expected to be much better this summer as 2/3 of my 25 panels are positioned at 25 degrees, the most efficient for summer, and 1/3 at 40 degrees, which should be 55 degrees for winter here in Eastern PA.
I am very pleased with the system, especially the monitoring by Enlighten.It’s really neat. I have show the system to my friends and associates, who were not even aware of the individual inverters and their capabilities of communicating with Enlighten, on line.

A few pictures of my 25 panel system during installation are attached as requested. Let me know if you would like any additional pictures or information.

Thanks again for the follow up.
Regards, Charlie


Thank you very much for all your help. Mark, your phone call on Friday was very helpful. I just need that extra advice. Isaac, you have been very helpful and have always been there to answer my questions!

When I started looking for an off the grid power system for my cabin/garage in the north woods, I spent a lot of time shopping and browsing difference sites. I stopped shopping after calling Unbound Solar. I stopped because it was all about customer service! After speaking to their staff I could tell right away they wanted help me with my need, not what was the most expensive. I needed to start with a system that I could grow into, yet have room to expand with my needs. From start to finish Unbound Solar was there with a quick response to answer all my questions and needs. I would recommend Unbound Solar to anyone. Customer service is everything!

Thank You.

You Guys ROCK! Thanks for your awesome customer service and technical support. I am so pleased with the products you sold me. Here is a video demonstrating my system you helped me put together.

Thanks so much – Jerry Hanson

Project Description: After careful research and consideration I chose a Packaged System from Unbound Solar located in Mt. Shasta, California. This package was the Hybrid system which came with the panels, Iron Ridge Top Pole Mount rails, the Air X windmill, Outback charge controller, Magnum Energy remote control, Magnum Energy Battery Monitor module, Inverter/Charge, Batteries, and all of the cables and wire needed to hook it up.

I added the 8 kw Guardian Automatic Standby Generator by Generac and the Magnum Energy Auto Generator Start module for the OutBack charge controller to communicate with the generators onboard Nexus controller.

I installed this system myself and was able to engineer the marrying of the generator and solar/wind system together. All of the major components come with users manuals, they are also available to download from the web page.

Hello Isaac!

When I called you late last November, my plan was to order in supplies for solar panels to reduce or eliminate our electric bill.  I mentioned to you that I was planning to do what I could on my own, but when I got to the point that I was over my head, to call a solar company contractor to finish the  work.

But you told me there was no reason that I could not do the whole project myself.  You were very encouraging about it.

With the invaluable help of my father-in-law, we broke ground the first weekend in Feb, and went “live” the third week in May.  We did the work on weekends and on an occasional week day, as my job allowed.  On Father’s Day weekend we dug up the 2 gauge line carrying the power from the 3 inverters 315 feet up to the house because of high voltage issues.  We replaced it with 2-0 aluminum line (4 sizes bigger than the 2 gauge), and that cured the problem.  The whole system is working beautifully.

I remember asking you last November if you were going to be available for service after the sale.  You said you would be, and you sure kept your word!  You always returned my calls and emails promptly and thoughtfully.  You were really excellent to work with.  I hope you enjoy the photos of the project.

Galen, Tennessee


My Solar Pump is ,” The Best Thing Since Canned Beer! It was designed for 14 GPM. It is Pumping 16 GPM!. Pumps all day from Sun up to Sun Down! Everyday! Even when it overcast it is producing. Attached is some pictures for your website!


You guys are great I enjoyed working with you and trust your service and will continue doing business in the future.


Hey Wil,

Overall my installation is complete. I will do some work in the spring to better point the panels on the back side of the roof but the overall install is complete at 35 panels. The install took a year. Unbound Solar helped by offering a great selection of products and packages. I chose a modular strategy that allowed me to do my installation over 12 months without having to wait 12 months to bring the initial set of panels on line. This was critical for us so that we could learn as we went without spending the entire investment up front. It also allowed us to wait for our tax refund on the initial 4 panels, (which also included the infrastructure cost), to reinvest in the project. A solid financial strategy is key with a solar investment.

The technology I used included microinverters. I recommend this strategy/equipment to everyone. Although it was still relatively new to the market when I started work on my array Unbound Solar had the information and equipment I needed to support this decision. Microinverters turned out to be a really great direction allowing me to build as I went, use different model/output panels and monitor the entire system down to individual panel output. The data available in this solution is absolutely excellent. I can’t imagine not having the data to manage my array, not to mention it is a lot of fun being able to monitor your success on line from any computer connected to the internet.

My wife and I did this project ourselves, (with the guidance of an electrician). It was a serious learning experience which started with classes at NC state on electricity, renewable energy and solar. Working with Unbound Solar for the equipment was a good experience. While there where delivery issues a couple of times it was due to the carrier and Unbound Solar managed the solution in each case allowing me to complete my array at the end of November 2010. I would and have recommended Unbound Solar as partner when working on a Solar project. Their selection of products is great, prices are great and their knowledge was helpful on our project.

Thank you for all your help!


“Living Comfortably Off the Grid”

The Challenge: To bring some degree of creature comfort to a young couple living in southwestern Michigan in a farmhouse built in the Amish tradition. From a kitchen, which featured a difficult-to-prime pitcher, pump to life without a washer or dryer or running hot water in the kitchen sink!

Forget a hot shower our goal was to assemble an electrical and plumbing system, which could address these needs. We decided on a combination solar and generator system driving a Mini-Magnum 4500 Watt 240 Volt inverter, four 250-Watt solar panels (mainly for water pump operation and lighting) and an 8000-Watt GenSet (for high wattage demand! washer/dryer and water heater! and for battery charging).

My trip to Michigan from my home base in Tennessee meant that, as usual, I would have to bring all necessary tools and equipment to deal with any potential problems encountered in the installation. I knew that the remote location would make finding supplies and equipment difficult, so I tried to anticipate any scenario before I made the trip. As I prepared for the trip, I contacted Isaac Cunningham at Unbound Solar to talk about equipment delivery on site. I found Isaac to be extremely helpful and knowledgeable.

He provided me with PDF files and in-depth discussion of the inner workings of their unified control panel so that before I even left Tennessee, I felt completely comfortable and confident to work with the equipment.

The Installation: I used a pair of 100 Amp 8-breaker circuit breaker panels. I set up one panel before the inverter to distribute the high wattage loads and to provide a 30 Amp breaker to the inverter. I used the second panel to distribute my loads from the inverter to the home. This arrangement provides, I believe, the best level of protection for generator, inverter and people. I found the Mini-Magnum control panel to be pleasant to work with. The device is well thought out with breaker placement, cable paths and access from all sides of the cabinet. I was particularly pleased with the unified grounding system. The panel comes with a well-designed controller, easy to use, easy to program, and loaded with all the information and sensing needs anyone could want.

The Results: The layout is so simple and user-friendly that the young couple has no problem using it. They occasionally monitor their battery voltage using the easy-to-read display. The use of the generator for washing clothes and heating water is more than enough to maintain battery voltage throughout the week. The bottom line is that the generator does not have to run very often (Quiet Time). Life in the farmhouse now features hot and cold running water, a kitchen with a beautiful sink AND dishwasher, a bathroom with a hot showers on demand and a flushing toilet, not to mention the ability to wash and dry clothes in the newly renovated mechanical room. Pretty comfortable off-the-grid living. Special thanks to Unbound Solar I can’t say enough about the quality of the equipment or the service and technical support I received from Isaac. From the get go, Unbound Solar delivered on everything they promised. The equipment arrived on time, in great condition, and worked exactly as specified. I would most certainly recommend this equipment to others and would choose it for future installations.


Hi Catarina,

I have attached a few photos as well as a screen shot from Enlighten to show the energy production. Since I brought the system on line in September, the graph has trended down, but it is starting to trend back up as the days get longer and weather gets nicer. I am very happy with the system and I am very happy with the service that you and Unbound Solar provided. Installing the Solar panels myself was both fun and rewarding. The system has outperformed the predicted CSI output over the four months it has been in operation. Given that performance over the shortest days of the winter, I am excited to see what the system will do over the coming spring and summer. I plan to leave the panels at the PG&E recommended fixed tilt for one year and then I will adjust the tilt quarterly the next year to see how the performance compares.


Dear Catarina,

The installation went fairly smoothly, and we were final’ed out and up and running within 5 days (should have been 4). The only hiccups were the stickers and the power company. We ended up having to have some exterior stickers mad, and then used a connection at the Chamber to pressure NV Energy to expedite our net meter request because some bureaucrat was going to sit on it for 10 days before installing it.

The latter issue was the most frustrating part of the project; and I would have expected NV Energy to embrace these matters. Oh well.

The Envoy powered right up, saw all of the inverters, and the data output and website are fantastic. Shadowing has a minimal effect early morning and we generate about 5000W on a clear day; this might go up in the summer. It appears as though the output will be limited by the inverters and panels to about 200w max per, which is consistent with the Enphase literature.

We lucked out with the trusses setting within 2 inches of the roof tile dish, so the hooks and rails set quickly. I noticed some left and right offset tile roof hooks in the literature, which could have been used if the trusses were further off, but they were side mount. The roofers really liked the ease of the hook installation with minimal grinding on the barrel profile tiles.

The rack system on our patio cover went together pretty easy, and pre-packaged components would not have worked. I am thinking of adding an additional 8 panels on the east roof to max out the system. I will send you the part list in a few weeks.

Thank you very much for your patience and assistance in working with us on this system.


Ken and Jennel

Hi Aileen,

I want to say thanks. I bought an off-grid system from you a few months back, something I wanted to do as a side project. I remember you taking the time to go over my order and made some suggestions (that I took). My system arrived on time, nothing missing or damaged. It is an off-grid system, but we use it as supplemental power. It runs the refrigerator, freezer, sump pumps, washer machine, basement lights and the treadmills all the time. This is saving us money on the electric bill, plus it acts as a backup for the essential appliances if the grid power goes out.

I live in Connecticut. As you know we got hit with a rare October snow storm that dumped over 15 inches of snow in our area. Most of the Northeast lost power, including us for six days. Because the snow storm was so early in the season, the majority of the trees still had their leaves. The heavy snow accumulated on them, bringing a lot of them down, causing tons of broken branches and lots of downed power lines. We still are cleaning up the mess. I am glad I took my time putting the system together, not knowing that we were going to experience such an unexpected storm.

During the power outage our new solar system was up and running, keeping the refrigerator, a freezer, two sump pumps and a few lights working. We have a wood stove that is able to heat the entire house, so that was not a problem. For six days the system kept all those appliances running and my wife even did a load of laundry, something I did not know until we got power back. The only other thing I wish I had done was to connect the water pump to the system. But I knew that the water pump can drain the batteries very fast. I’m getting a transfer switch for the next time something like this happens. That way I can run the water pump only when I want to.

Thanks again for all your help with getting the system together for me, taking the time to answer my questions and following up on my order. That is what customer service is all about. I’m glad I bought the system from you.



Day 6 of solar power, and all is well. I’ve now produced, in just under 6 days of “system on” time, 273kWH, well over the estimated production.

Incidentally, with Enphase it’s possible to make a system’s real-time reports publicly accessible. My system’s public access link is:



Hi Allie

Happy new year!

I just wanted to say thank you for the Grid-tie Magnum-6000 back-up power system you sold me a couple of months ago. The system was easy to install thanks to the efforts of the guys out in the warehouse that made sure all of the necessary equipment (disconnects, breakers & battery monitor) was installed in the MP Enclosure. I installed all of this equipment and the (8) AGM batteries in a small storage room in our basement that we call “the pantry”. I also installed an essential loads sub-panel and moved my Enphase Envoy into this room – so all of my power generation and storage are located in a very compact, efficient space.The diversion load controller was built very neatly and again very easy to install.

The heart of the diversion load controller was a MorningStar relay driver. This relay driver was setup to control one 48-volt relay that was used to handle the diversion load. What I noticed was that this relay driver could handle up to four outputs based on the voltage of the battery bank. I have a 5.7 kW gridtie system using Enphase M190 inverters. These Magnum inverters switch to back-up power so quickly that the Enphase inverters don’t shut down when the grid goes down – they just began charging the batteries while handling whatever load happens to be on. What I found is that my PV array is a little too hot for the Magnum backup system, when the batteries have a full charge. The DC voltage rises, the 60 cycle frequency bumps up to 60.4 and the inverters shut down. This is a good feature and is working as it was designed.

What I’m in the process of doing is using the relay diver to help control my array based on the DC voltage. I am dividing the array into three sub-arrays that will turn on and off based on battery voltage. My idea is that I can use 1/3, 2/3 or all of my array depending on the load and state of charge of the batteries. It is just a way to stage the PV-input so that it is not just all or nothing. I look at this as kind of “charge controller” for the Enphase inverters, when in the “off-grid” mode.

Anyway – I just thought I would let you know how this system is working on this nice snowy day. I know UNBOUND is promoting these systems so I included a few pictures of this system that you are welcome to use if you want to.

Take care and thanks again



Roger had asked where we purchased our materials for the solar array, so here is a link to Unbound Solar Solar Panels from Unbound Solar so you can check it out. This site is super for the DIY types like me and they are so helpful with those naive questions that come up. They have packages put together and will supply everything to get you through the assembly process. We opted for a grid tie system using Solaredge module optimizers, US made Solar World 265 watt modules (panels) with two 6000 watt inverters. Our original setup was a 30 panel 7950 kw system and the layout had 7 rows of 4 panels and 1 row with 2. It looked incomplete so we added 2 more to make it a full 8 rows of 4. This brought us 8480 kw.

Anyway, yesterday was the 31st day of production and we’ve totaled 1260 KWh and have used 923 KWh. So we’ve banked 337KWh. At our current rate of usage that about 11 days. Our numbers will probably be knocked down when summer gets into full swing, but then again, we’ll have more sun. We had 12 great days with production over 50 KWh and 10 days of some cloud reducing that to less than 1/2. Needless to say, “We’re tickled with our decision to go solar”. Many have asked how long the payback will be. I have no idea without some history under our belt and I would think it will take about a year of production to get that. I do know this, we got it in for less than 1/2 of what it would have cost to get some contractor to put it in for.

I hope this didn’t bore you all too much.

Living greener,


I have been VERY impressed with Unbound Solar all the way from inquiring about my system, to ‘spec’ing’ it out, purchasing, receipt of the equipment, preparation of the equipment including the main box assembly to each and every cable, nut, bolt, etc. being provided. And now today with your support! I will be ordering more systems from Unbound Solar in the near future. I just need to get this one up and running and bring myself up the learning curve.

We have been working with Wil Burlin at Unbound Solar for a number of years now. We absolutely rely on Wil’s expertise and wonderful service! Wil is so-o-o knowledgeable and knows exactly what we need to best service our customers’ particular needs,  whether on-grid or off-grid equipment. We have tried other companies, and they had always disappointed us. We learned very quickly that Unbound Solar is the only company we trust with our business. We love Will and UNBOUND for their great pricing, fast shipping and willingness to help us at all times.  We are a progressive, family-owned business, and we sell alternative energy products (now expanding to farm and garden items at our customers’ requests!). We always, 100% of the time, take care of our customers,  and we feel that same attitude with Wil Burlin and WSS!

Craig Sparks, tech guru
Savanna Sparks, customer service


Thank you for the help with this. You have given me all the information I needed to design the proper system. I will contact you when we have acquired the funding for this project. You have the best prices from what i have researched so far and the customer service has been outstanding. We will definitely utilize Wholesale as our source for materials when we are ready to proceed. Thank you!



Hi Jeremy:

It was a pleasure working with you and Unbound Solar on the installation of our home solar system. As homeowners doing the project ourselves, it was extremely helpful to have you on the other end of the phone line providing us with guidance and information needed to enable us to have a successful installation. We so appreciated your follow up, attention to detail and ability to answer our technical questions.

Thank you again for helping us with our solar installation.
Allan and Sherry


I want to express my appreciation for your technical support for getting my backup battery system operating last week. You led Will, my electrician, and me through a rational recovery process after carefully listening to our report on the symptoms. As Will commented after we got back on line, “In the electrical business, It’s rare that I interface with tech service personnel so professional.”

Thanks from both of us for the effective results and your pleasant style of working with us.




Thought I would send you a short e-mail regarding the Solar Edge system you sold me. If you remember I bought the 13,200 KW Solar Edge Optimizer’s and inverters with 50 Solarworld 260 mono panels, it also included the racking.

Skipping past all the purchase stuff (Boring) the shipment arrived. I met the semi driver at the bottom of the road and was worried he wouldn’t make it up. The road to my place is narrow and curvy, plus I have had plenty of drivers refuse to come up and I have had to have stuff unloaded at the bottom and reload it in my truck. This driver did something I have never seen before, he walked the driveway with his arms spread and said he could do it. He did it with only a few tree branch’s the worst for wear. Thank God! This was 3000 plus pounds and I had no desire to unload and reload. We just used the lift gate and pallet jack and moved it into the garage. I sent the cartage company a note about their driver.

I started the next day marking out and putting up the flashings. That went fairly quickly once I got the hang of it. I had to change my layout somewhat to make everything work. I spent the first weekend putting up the flashing and racks and part of the 2nd. After that it was putting up the optimizer’s and starting the wiring, that took the rest of the weekend and part of the next. After that it was all bull work, getting the panels up to the roof and humping them around the roof. That was 2 weekends and some nights. After that it was all the electrical and inverters, that was the really fun part. It was interesting work.

After it was all done, the best part was testing the solar edge inverters. I loved the fact they only put out 1 volt until they are switched on. Called for final, had a few corrections, passed! Called out electric company, got the go ahead and on November 1st 2013 the Berg Power Plant was online!

Since then I have generated 3.5 MW, have had 2 $5.00 electric bills (service charge), have a 400kw credit and have averaged 50 KW a day through January. Sunny and dry in SoCal this winter. I had to remove a few trees to get better sun but got 4 cords of eucalyptus out of it.

Hopefully the summer will bump up the production, have only had a high of 9 KWH, I am counting on that making it to 11.5. Guess this wasn’t so short. Anyhow thanks for your help, patience and answers to my questions. Also want to say the equipment was packaged very well and came with no parts missing. Thanks to the shipping department and thanks to accounting for waiting a few days past the sale and for holding the price. All in all I was exceptionally pleased with my experience with Unbound Solar.



This morning my order from Unbound Solar arrived. The skid was undamaged and the order was complete. Conway’s driver even parked the skid in my garage for me oriented in a direction perfect for unpacking. This whole experience with you and your organization has been a very positive one. $10,000 was a lot of money for me to trust to just anybody but you answered my questions and relieved my worries. Unbound Solar is a professional company, you say what you mean and you do what you say. I sincerely look forward to working with you again in the future and will not hesitate to recommend you guys to anyone and everyone! Thank you for taking good care of me!


Hello Josh:

I want to thank you for taking the time to work with me in getting a solution to my shipping issue. I do appreciate it very much and I want to let you know that you are a great asset to your company. You have created a lifetime customer for your company because you demonstrated to me that you cared and went the extra mile to help and make it happen. I look forward to receiving the UPS tracking number and go from there.

Again thank you for a job well done!


Josh – Please forward this note to your Management on my behalf because I want them to know how valuable you are to their company.

Hi Wil,

Thought I would let you know that the installation went smoothly and is up and running. The electrician we contracted with to do the installation was impressed with the configuration of the unit and ease of installation.

I would like to increase solar capacity to decrease charge time and would like to know about how many additional 4400 solar 370 units can be added to the current Four Star back-up 4400 unit.


Hi Jeremy,
It is with great pleasure to comment on the service and quality of your products. From the beginning of my project to the completion I am 100% satisfied with the help received and educational advise. Please feel free to use us as a reference.


I would like to thank you for the excellent products you provided me to set up a very nice solar system for my home.  I purchased the mini AC off-grid system which is performing very nicely to power my refrigerator, lights and computer.  I couldn’t find anyone locally to help me put it together, so I decided to try to do the job myself.  I would like to especially thank Todd, who was extremely helpful in explaining the components and what I needed to do.


Hey Josh,

Today I finished wiring the batteries and performed the Radian commissioning.

Everything is working perfectly and my home is running on strictly PV power!

This project took quite a bit of time (about 5 months) but the design and construction is complete! I could have never done it without you and unbound solar! You gave me the confidence that I could do it myself and I saved 10’s of thousands of dollars! It’s surreal right now. I will still have a question or two now and then but now I will be monitoring the performance and learning how to optimize my production and utilization.

Thanks again Josh!

I would like to compliment your company for hiring such a informative and courteous person such as Lisa and she made my day and shopping experience a joy. In short, Lisa is a keeper and fine asset!


If everything always went smoothly, customer feedback wouldn’t be necessary.

It all started well. I talked to Isaac and got some great advice about what to buy. After making my purchase, our systems arrived promptly at our trucking terminal.

My equipment was perfect and packed with amazing care. It was very well protected. My friend/s equipment had been destroyed pretty impressively by our trucking company. It was packed just as well, but somehow our freight carrier crushed it pretty well.

At that point I thought…”Well, now we get to see what unbound solar is really all about!” We sent you guys some pictures and you sent out another system–great job.

Then, I left all my parts sitting in different piles all around my garage. Now this was partly because I’m lazy and partly because I don’t know much more about electricity than it takes to jump a car battery.

After 6 months of just sitting there, I had a friend visit who knows solar systems. I took him out in the garage and showed him all my “stuff”. We were standing in the middle of the piles when some drunk hit a telephone pole down the street from me and caused a power failure in 1/2 the city.

There we stood in the pitch dark garage–unable (for the longest time) to find our way out because it was pitch black and we were surrounded by my (never assembled) solar system. At that point my friend offered to return in 2 months to help me put it together.

Things went pretty smoothly after that–except for the 3 times I called in a panic and asked to speak with Isaac. I’m guessing that happens fairly frequently because your receptionist asked if it was an emergency–and sure enough you called back in minutes and answered my questions.

Thanks for the great service before AND AFTER THE SALE. I appreciate it and have recommended you to others. My friend who helped me out is actually a dealer for another company. He was very happy with how everything came pre-wired. It was much easier than he expected.

Thanks Isaac.

Mark. Aileen,
We just picked up the balance of the order. I was very impressed by the readiness of the warehouse crew. Everything was out and ready to go. They were very helpful with loading and it all fit easily into my pickup.

Thanks again,

Hey Isaac,

I have been on the run as usual with family, work, band etc. but had a minute waiting in the doctors office so wanted to thank you for all your helping getting my grid tie w/charge controller for motor home batteries setup.

The first full month on solar my electric bill went down 100.00 almost to the penny. I never thought I’d say it but I could not wait to get that next power bill, and I just got it. Just 85.00! Granted it is cooler but it sure was good to see.

It turns out that my meter is bi-directional; it runs backwards and counts down on cool sunny mornings. I have to get going; but I will try to get you some pictures of my panels on roof and my setup in the garage as well. I learned a lot and enjoying it now.

Thanks Again,


This is just a quick note to say how much my husband and I appreciate Wil. A year ago I was on the phone with Wil looking to purchase a solar system for our cabin. We had very limited knowledge of what we needed and how much we needed. Wil was excellent at communicating with us what he thought would work, but most important, he was very patient with me. I am sure I asked the same questions over and over, but he never let on to that fact. He shared his knowledge in a way that even I could understand. We purchased the Magnum Inverter System, Outback Charge controller, 4 panels and a pole mount for the panels; granted, I had to sell my Harley to purchase the unit, but have never regretted it!

A couple weeks ago I called Wil again because I wanted more batteries for the system. I ended up with two more solar panels, too. Again, I have to say that I truly enjoyed working with him. I’m sure that I’m preaching to the choir when singing his praises, but I thought it to be important to share this with you.


Hi Mark

Thanks for taking the time to meet with me out at the warehouse yesterday. I appreciate your way of doing business – it fits my way of doing business well. Whenever I go up to Mt Shasta to pick up an order, the folks at the office and the warehouse treat me like a VIP. I’ve noticed, over the last couple of years, that the folks working at Unbound Solar really like working there – that says a lot about the way you manage the company.

Thanks again

To Whom It May Concern:

Before I got into the solar business, I called several companies selling solar products throughout the United States. I knew very little about solar and all of the other companies made me feel like a dummy (which I was), but I wanted to learn. None of these companies wanted to help until I contacted your company: Unbound Solar with Issac as my salesperson/teacher. He has really helped me in my new part of my business in solar products. Without him I might have given up. I know he has many customers but he made me feel like I was the only one. He has always answered my sometimes stupid questions with courtesy. Issac is a great asset to your company and I really appreciate his hard work and patience. It is my pleasure to do business with your company as our companies grow together Sincerely,



You asked about how the system is working for me ? Its great!!! After we worked out the problem with the charge controller everything is working better than expected . Thank Will for his help in trouble shooting.(He Was Very Helpful). Even with half the normal day light this year we have cut the power bill in half !!! And looking forward for the summer. We are planning to expand the system more later this year and looking forward of doing business with you.

Thank you,


Thank you for your professional service over the past year. The way you handle my account has made a big difference in my relationship with WSS.


Dear Jessica:

I wanted to send a letter to thank you for the excellent service I received from you in developing the solar system recently installed for my house. From the first phone call, to the personal meetings at your office you presented the most professional leadership in helping me develop the system that was best for my home. Even when problems developed in acquiring the system I had originally wanted, your leadership to solving that issue with a far superior system at a better price revealed your expertise. When I needed technical drawings for my permitting process you provided the drawings I needed and the personnel at the inspection department were very satisfied with what you provided. When I had technical question you were never without the correct answers. If all of the sales representatives are as knowledgeable and as pleasant as you, your company will always be successful.

For any who may be considering the purchase of solar equipment I personally recommend Jessica Garcia and the company Unbound Solar Inc. as a great experience. Feel free to use me as a satisfied customer who is willing to say so.


I’m amazed at the service!

Hasn’t been long since I ordered and my entire order arrived yesterday. Everything is there and it all appears to be in good order. You lucked out as the truck driver has a personality as warm as yours.

Everything now rests in my garage awaiting my attention!

Pass along the Kudos to the entire Unbound Solar Team.

I’ll send pictures and details when its up and running.

Best regards



Thanks for all your help tracking all the moving pieces in a complicated shipping process, and for the quick answers on installation day. The system went up without a hitch. It was a great help to have someone quick and
accountable on the sending end.

Grand Rapids, MI


Just wanted to drop you a quick note to tell you what an awesome job Jessica has been doing. All too often we bosses only hear about it when people mess up. Jessica has been a huge help in the last few weeks on sizing these abnormally large systems. Just so you know it is not all for not. We should be signing a contract for one of these in the next 10 business days. It is for the large church in Atlanta.

Once again, I just wanted to pass along what a great job she and the rest of your staff–only because one person cannot do it all.

Jessica deserves the Golden Panel Award for outstanding customer service!



That looks great!  Your prices are amazing. The people I talked to literally couldn’t believe me until I had a quote to show them.

Thanks again,
Wilson  Asheville, NC


I just wanted to drop a quick note regarding the help I received when I called in to your company for information.

I spoke with Josh and received very courteous and knowledgeable service. It was a small order, Two 85W solar battery chargers, but he took the time to help me get what I needed. He paid good attention to what parts and pieces would work out best for what I wanted.

Not sure I’ll need any more stuff, but if I do I’ll definitely check back with unbound solar!


I am sure you guys like to get feedback to let you know how your advertising is working…… So, just a note on your web page. I have spent hours looking at your website and it is very informative and easy to use. It is the main reason why I will buy from you guys (it doesn’t hurt that your prices are good too). I think it is a very effective tool for selling your products.

Unbound Solar has been, through a number of purchases, a wonderful resource of information and products as well as collegial and efficient conduit for purchasing equipment. The staff has been unfailingly responsive and attentive, and it’s been a real pleasure to feel that I’m getting good advice while working to make major technical and financial decisions. Of all the distributors I’ve worked with, they’re the best by far in all the measure that I think are important.

David C.
Hunter College


Thank you for your quick quote.  It is within our budget and we are looking no further for a vendor.   Please rest assured that in the very near future we will place the order.  It is your customer service and attitude that sold us.

Again thank you!
Mike & Jan

I’m really impressed with Unbound Solar. Several other companies didn’t even bother to put together a quote. You did!


Yeay!  It’s operational, performers as advertised and yes the tiddly company meter is running backwards.

I am so pleased!

Thanks, now look forward to more business!


Dear Mark,

I have just finished installing my system from Unbound Solar. My friend and I at work decided to do this project together and give each other a hand on each of our houses. We bought two kits from you, both with Kyocera panels, Solectria inverters and Ironridge racks. The support and service that we received from Isaac Cunningham was nothing short of excellent. Being this was my first installation, I was a little nervous about what I was getting and how it was all going to come together. Everything went like clockwork. The kit that Isaac gave me was perfect. If we had a question (and we did) Isaac was always there to assist us and get the information that we needed. Thanks again for making this project go so smoothly. I will recommend you to everyone.

Bayport, New York


Just wanted to let you know, we are officially running the meter backwards, at least when the sun is shining, which hasn’t been much in the last days.

Todd M.

Good morning Jessica,

Everything has arrived and the order is complete.  Thank you so much for your help on this project and don’t be surprised if I contact you next year to order the other 16 panels I really wanted to do this year but didn’t want to fight with the neighbors about!  ;^)



Thank you for the follow-up.  We are proceeding with Aileen and Wil on this order.  We enjoy working with them both; they are a great support for us as we develop a Solar Market in the Southeast.


Thank you so much, Wil.

I’m going to the bank tomorrow. Thanks for considering us easy to work with. You’ve been great. I actually, when we started looking around for where to buy, never thought that anyone would actually help and guide us in our choices as you have done!


Thanks for all your help, worked out great. Here’s a couple of pictures of the finished project.

Thanks again,

Hi Todd,

I called you on Thursday to ask about the medium AC system. You were so helpful. Just from the little we talked I learned a lot. I know you said you were new to the job, but what better person to give advice then somebody who lives off the grid? I appreciate you elaborating on your personal experience. It helps to put things into real world perspective.

We were just wondering if you had any experience with generators as alternate/supplemental power?

Thanks again,



You’re awesome! Thanks for putting this all together for me. I will be contacting you tomorrow with shipping instructions. Take Care,



Thank you for your prompt response and help with my first alternative energy order. Your advice exceeded my expectations and the elements of the system you offered represent the best available. The shipment was packaged securely and received on time. I am pleased with my experience with Unbound Solar and look forward to additional orders as my needs increase. I recommend your company and the products you offer.

Thanks again for your professional help,
Central Texas


I think you have done a wonderful job and I appreciate everything. I hope to do lots of business with you in the future.



I finally have my system up and running.  I did not tie my windmills in with the system.  I am happy with what I am producing and with the quality of the products. Thanks for all your help and I would like to get any sales you may be having in regards to panels.  I appreciate it.


Hi Adam,

Thanks so much for the last minute emergency order. It arrived on time to Detroit, and we were able to test, package and ship it onto California for delivery this morning. Your support in helping us meet our requirement is greatly appreciated

Best regards,



Thanks for the follow up! I got the order in today with Jessica and she was great! She has been very helpful and wonderful to deal with. I will be buying more solar equipment in the future and I will pass unbound solar & Jessica’s name on to friends who are adding to their systems.

Thanks again


I purchased an off-grid system from you and so far, I’m pleased.  Thanks!

Bloomfield, New Jersey

Unbound Solar will give you one hundred and ten percent one hundred percent of the time in order to guarantee one hundred percent satisfaction. Their staff has an expressed interest in influencing conservation efforts in the western United States, and they have made customer satisfaction a cornerstone of their business.

San Diego, California

Jessica – Thanks so much to you and Aileen!!

I know it is hectic this time of year for everyone. And, we can now pass on the good news to our customer!



Thanks. I actually received delivery of the system today. Everything looked like it shipped ok. The power system really looks awesome. I’m excited to get it installed. Tell the guys that built it (Jared) thanks for an awesome build job. Really appreciate their expertise.



Thanks for the help, as always your team is the best!



… I have had excellent service from Wil. He knows his stuff and has been able to guide me. He is the reason I will order from you rather than from the other online stores. People do make the difference.

Austin, Texas


YOU ROCK! IT SOLD! They gave me a verbal agreement to go with it. I need Paul to put in the order when he gets back. Thanks for being there for us. We’ll order it if not later today….Monday.



I’ve been a customer of Unbound Solar for about one year and I just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate the service that Unbound Solar has provided to me this past year. I’ve ordered many small order, as well as one off-grid package and three grid-tied systems.

Allie is my sales rep and she has been great! She is very knowledgeable and helpful in getting the right product to me in a timely fashion and at a fair price. It’s been a good year for my small business, and Allie has been the one on your staff to help me make that happen.

I’d also like to acknowledge Chad and the crew out at the warehouse. I’ve picked up some orders at the warehouse. Chad went the “extra-mile” to make sure I got my equipment loaded quickly and in a safe manner so that I experienced no problems getting my materials delivered to my jobsite’s.

Thanks for a great year and I look forward to working with the folks at Unbound Solar in the coming year.


Cromberg, CA

Dear Jessica,

Hoping all is well for you.
I want to give you our sincere thanks for the attention received from you in our orders for solar panels and wishing to buy from you again.

Very Best Regards
Santiago, CHILE

It was a pleasure working with you. We appreciate all of your patience & follow through with our orders.

Ricardo M.

Hi Allie,

I appreciate the work that you have done and the honesty and helpfulness of your staff. It has secured my continued business commencing forward. I am excited to be in this industry and am looking to align my company with others that provide quality equipment and above average customer service. I have 30 years of high tech electrical and electronics experience both as a certified tech and successful business owner. Any information that you can disseminate in my direction that would be beneficial to my learning and growth would be much appreciated.

Very Best Regards,
San Diego, California

We appreciate Wil for his customer service. He assisted in making our experience both informational and efficient.

Again thanks,
Revan, Georgia


Our panels arrived on Friday in excellent condition. They were well packed, and they test out well. We are quite pleased.

Thank you very much!!

Lyn and Joe

Hello Jessica,

I received all my shipment and wanted to say thank you.
I am impressed with Enphase, and will be doing more orders with you.

Have a nice day,

I use a Magnum model 2940242 sinewave inverter in my remote home in Belize, Central America. A failed inverter in that part of the world is a disaster. Shipping to the U.S. costs as much as the inverter is worth, if not more. For that reason, after being made aware of the great specifications by Wil at Unbound Solar, I decided to give it one more try. I was replacing an Outback 12 VDC 2400 Watt unit for two reasons. First, I was upgrading the system to 24 VDC and I wanted real 120/240 sinewave power, but didn’t want to stack two inverters. For my needs that would have been wasteful. Also, two inverters would double the chance of failure of one of them. I was impressed with the much easier access to the electrical terminals. They were bigger and easier to get to, and had more wire bending space. The remote control was easy to use and connecting it was dead simple.

For a generator source, I use a lister type one banger. It’s an incredibly durable and simple generator, but frequency control is fairly loose. Fortunately the Magnum was very tolerant of poor input frequency and gave me no problems. The surge capacity is incredible. Running an ice maker (necessary in Belize), a clothes washer and the 1/4 horse deep well pump was no problem. The unit would just groan and deliver. Nothing more to ask. I did work it hard. Frequently guests will use a refrigerator and a window air conditioner at the guest house. We would also run our satellite Internet dish, PC’s lights, high powered music system and more all at once. That’s inverter abuse, but it never complained. The battery charger was simple and dependable. Really, I like this inverter. In fact, I’m buying two more for my next house so I can have 8KW of steady power. Good job Magnum.

West Virginia

Hi Tyson,

The Enphase system is being installed now and is looking good. We’ll have to wait for the feed-in-tariff program to get going to get the system commissioned. Plus, we’re trying to educate the local utility. Apparently they have never seen the Enphase inverters. Seems like the install is going to be the easiest part.


Hello Aileen,

Yes, we got it a few days ago. My electrician still needs to come and install it for us. Just telling my husband how great it is dealing with you (and Lisa) and your company. I can sure appreciate all the help with the questions. we’ve had and your unbelievable service. You’re the “BOMB”!!!! MAHALO FOR ALL YOUR GREAT SERVICE!!!

Kilauea, Hawaii


Just a short note to let you know that all components arrived last week in good shape. System is now installed and passed city inspection. Just waiting for SMUD to install production meter and I’ll be in business. Appreciate your company doing business with a homeowner.



Thank you very much for all your help. Mark, your phone call on Friday was very helpful. I just need that extra advice. Isaac, you have been very helpful and have always been there to answer my questions!

When I started looking for an off the grid power system for my cabin/garage in the north woods, I spent a lot of time shopping and browsing difference sites. I stopped shopping after calling Unbound Solar. I stopped because it was all about customer service! After speaking to their staff I could tell right away they wanted help me with my need, not what was the most expensive. I needed to start with a system that I could grow into, yet have room to expand with my needs. From start to finish Unbound Solar was there with a quick response to answer all my questions and needs. I would recommend Unbound Solar to anyone. Customer service is everything!

Thank You.
St. Paul, Minnesota


I would like to take this time to thank you for all your help before the sale and after getting me set up for what I needed. Your company was great to deal with.

Thank You again. Please forward this to your company.

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