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I knew what I wanted, how much energy I needed, and Unbound just helped me with all the tech side stuff.

Meet The Stinnetts. Patrick and his wife are no stranger to DIY projects. They say it’s not only fun but it saves money.  Before deciding to install their own solar system they built their own deck and a large pond. They always do their projects together as they enjoy figuring stuff out and they enjoy labor part of it as well. 

Patrick said “The most difficult part of the installation was finding the rafters and hauling the panels up on the roof. Those panels don’t look heavy but looks are deceiving and it was great having my wife’s help.” He said the installation was way quicker than they expected. Just the two of them were able to get it done in just two days, working about eight hours each day.

“Its great knowing that we did all that ourselves. We did mess up on a few measurements where you can see the racking but it didn’t bother us and we just called it a feature.” -Patrick

Before choosing Unbound Solar they looked at a lot of other places to do it but the price just was never there to justify what they would make back. There were also a lot of companies that ran them around with this and that plus adding on extra costs. 

Patrick Said “I knew what I wanted, how much energy I needed, and Unbound just helped me with all the tech side stuff.”

Nice work Patrick!

Send us your story if you’re an Unbound customer with a DIY installation! We want to share your excitement!


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Install of the Month – December 2017

  • System Size: 24.48 kW
  • Yearly System Output: 36,000 - 37,000 kWh
  • Federal Tax Incentive: Qualifies for $13,500 U.S. Federal Tax Credit
  • Utility rates per kWh: 15.59 cents/kWh
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