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How to install solar panels on your roof

Roof Installation

Looking to install solar panels on your roof? Follow along with us as solar tech Jeremy Allen walks you through each step and demonstrates exactly what you need, and what you need to do for a seamless DIY roof mounted solar installation.

Which solar panels are best for me?

Choosing Panels

There’s different kinds of solar panels!? Yup! And which one is right for you depends on what your specific needs are. In this edition of Ask Unbound Solar, design tech Jeremy Allen breaks down the options and when it’s best to use each.

Different battery types

Choosing Batteries

Which batteries are right for backup power? Which batteries should you use for your hunting cabin or vacation home? How does the Tesla Powerwall compare with other new energy storage technologies? Find out in this video from the DIY solar experts, Unbound Solar!

what goes into an offgrid system?

Off-Grid Basics

What parts make up an off-grid solar system, learn about how each part works together, and get an idea of whether or not off-grid systems are right for your goals. Questions? Call 1-800-472-1142.

Types of Solar Eletric Systems

Pick System Type

This episode goes into the three types of solar systems available: Grid-Tied, Grid-Tie Battery Backup,and Off-Grid. Questions? Call 1-800-472-1142.

mounting hardware options

Mounting Hardware

In this episode of “FYI”, host Josh Roelofs explains basic solar-panel mounting options including IronRidge Roof Mount, IronRidge Ground Mount and Pole Mount. Questions? Call 1-800-472-1142.

How to size your grid tie system

Sizing Grid-Tie

In this episode of “FYI”, products manager Josh Roelofs explains how to determine the amount of kilowatts (kW) you need from a solar system, so you can purchase the proper size system to suit your specific power needs. Questions? Call 1-800-472-1142.

Learn about grid-tie inverters

Best Grid-Tie Inverters

In this episode of “FYI”, sales tech Cheyenne Minard discusses the best inverters for a grid-tied system.

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