2020 CEC Solar Efficiency Standards
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Calculate PV Solar System Sizing for California
New Dwelling Energy Compliance

Quickly estimate size & browse solar power systems for new dwelling energy efficiency requirements by climate zone (includes battery storage option).

  • Select appropriate climate zone (unsure? check zip code )
  • Enter total square footage of conditioned floor area
  • Enter number of units for new dwelling (ex: “1”=single family home, “2”=duplex, etc)
  • Results are auto-calculated with compatible systems ready to view
California Mandate Climate Zone Map
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Energy efficiency standards go into effect in California (CA) on January 1, 2020 by the California Energy Commission (CEC) & enforced by the California Building Standards Commission (CBSC) - read new CA solar efficiency standards.

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Unbound Solar California New Home Construction Calculator

This calculator provides a basic estimate for research and initial planning purposes only.
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