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Once the project was finished, when the fridge lit up, we almost fainted! Exhilarating is too mild a word.

Meet Ian and Alicia Denchasy, who installed their Off-Grid System! Let’s check out their project in California in their own words!:

“We had zero experience with solar, and this was our first experience building our own home. I mean, we can build Ikea furniture, but beyond that…

We had an amazing electrician and some friends to provide elbow grease and got our system installed in three days.

The most difficult part of our project was convincing our local city officials to allow us NOT to connect to our local utility (PG&E). After three years of making our case and working with a progressive city employee, we finally got an ordinance to allow our project to receive approval.

Aside from some wire and extra clips, everything we needed was included in our system.

It took three days to install the system, with a couple of hours to work with Unbound Solar tech person (Harley, who was great).

Once the project was finished, when the fridge lit up, we almost fainted! Exhilarating is too mild a word.

Our total solar installation cost was around $14,000, including the batteries we purchased from Amazon.”

Send us your story if you’re an Unbound customer with a DIY installation! We want to share your excitement!


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It felt terrific to finish the installation. After having it on the roof and inspected, I was producing power within three days once they changed my meter out. It was really a rewarding experience.
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  • System Size: 9.45 kW
  • Daily kWh output: 16-32 kWh per day
  • Federal Tax Incentive: Qualifies for $7,000+ U.S. Federal Tax Credit
  • Utility Rates: Vary with time-of-use
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