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Since that install, I bought two other systems and installed them in my friends’ RVs. I had good trust in Unbound Solar.

We’re proud to introduce Alex Wagner-Jauregg, who installed his Grid-tied System in California.

Let’s check out his DIY installation!:

“I run a failure analysis testing lab, so I have considerable experience building electromechanical test fixtures. I have also done a fair amount of home carpentry, which helped with finding rafters.

My two biggest challenges were finding the roof rafters and running the wires within the attic. I found a very cool tool called the “Chiptoolz Rafter Center-line Locator” that made this process much easier. I chose not to have any conduit on the roof, so all of my wiring went into the attic space. Reaching some of these tight locations and running 300′ of 10/2 Romex was quite a lot of work, but the end result looks great.

I did everything myself, except for the two hours that I had three friends over to lift the 17 panels to the roof and the few hours of help I received from a friend who is an electrician to make the connections and install current transformers in the service panel.

The one unforeseen tool that I needed was a rafter finder.

I spent a total of about 50 hours from start to finish. Much of this time was because I added plywood on the ceiling joists inside the attic to aid with running wires and future storage.

All in all, I spent approximately $14.9k and am eligible for the federal tax credit, which should be approximately $4k.

Turning on the system and seeing the meter spin backward for the first time was very satisfying. I now find myself constantly checking the Enphase Enlighten app.

I wanted to do the install myself because I love to build things. I chose Unbound Solar because I had previously worked with them on a solar / inverter project for my 5th wheel RV. Since that install, I bought two other systems and installed them in my friends’ RVs. I had good trust in Unbound Solar.”

Send us your story if you’re an Unbound customer with a DIY installation! We want to share your excitement!


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