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As a discerning consumer, you understand that solar energy means freedom. 

The more you know about innovations in this sector, the more confident you can feel that installing solar panels gives you independence and peace of mind as a homeowner.

What Should You Know About the Future of Solar Energy for Your Home?

Improved technology, fueled by the need for clean energy, has advanced the field of solar energy. 

For example, current solar cells, such as solar thermal, dominate the industry but are likely to change thanks to innovations. A recent study projects that the US will integrate solar energy into businesses within the next three decades.

Solar systems will incorporate other renewable energy sources and storage as part of this push. Developments will maximize solar capture today and in the future. You can become part of this energy-friendly movement and join the 20% of Americans estimated to be solar energy consumers by 2050.

What Do US Homeowners Have to Gain from Innovations in the Future of Solar Energy?

Solar power offers many advantages, including these important for many homeowners.

1. Reliable Power

If you‘ve experienced a power outage for an extended period, you know what kind of havoc it can wreak on your life. MIT is promoting grid-connected solar-powered generators to replace current forms of electricity in the US. Increased dependence on solar instead of the traditional grid means that people can avoid unnecessary disruptions to their lives during power outages.

2. Clean Energy

The key to solar energy is the growing shift towards clean energy. By installing solar panels, you’re supporting the Earth and future generations by reducing fossil fuel usage and showing others how to do their part for the planet.

3. Economical Electricity

Thanks to solar tax credits, solar energy is already a cost-effective solution for powering homes and businesses in the US. It’s projected that solar will be 35% less expensive than current rates by 2024. 

With fossil fuels increasing in price and falling out of favor and technological developments making it easier to harness the Sun’s energy, the shift will prove financially achievable for more Americans.

Work With Unbound Solar to Make the Future of Solar Energy Part of Your Future

Solar energy is reliable, clean, and cost-effective. 

With Unbound Solar’s guarantee of lifetime customer support, you can confidently install a system on your own or hire an installer. Contact us to ensure the future of solar energy is part of your life today and tomorrow!

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