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When it comes to temporary power for a construction site, you’re probably used to connecting to a power grid or using gas-powered generators. Fortunately, there is another, cleaner option. 

That option is using the energy of the Sun. There are many reasons you should consider solar generators for your next construction project.

The Solar Industry Is Growing

In the last 10 years, the capacity and efficiency of solar energy have rapidly increased. The industry is growing by leaps and bounds. 

Solar as temporary power for a construction site is just the natural progression of building technology. Solar can power:

  • Almost all rechargeable equipment batteries
  • Lighting
  • Electric heaters
  • Fans and ventilation equipment
  • Trailers for administrative tasks
  • Machinery that needs an external power source to start

Most equipment can be adapted to solar power, making it possible to end your dependence on traditional energy and fossil fuels.

One of the Fastest-Growing Industries

Solar power is one of the fastest-growing renewable energy resources in the United States. It’s growing faster than almost every other power option. As temporary power for a construction site, there is not much to compete with solar’s technological advancements.

Cleaner Temporary Power for a Construction Site

A solar power generator offers lower fossil fuel consumption because it doesn’t require gasoline or diesel fuel to run. It also removes the burden of connecting to the grid and using power boxes for your equipment. As an added benefit, you are helping to protect the environment and reduce carbon emissions.

It Allows You to Work in Remote Areas

Solar temporary power for a construction site allows you to work free of the power grid. It can go just about anywhere your crew can. You can bring your solar generator to your job site while transporting your other equipment, so there are no extra natural gas, gasoline, or diesel fuel trips.

Solar Temporary Power for a Construction Site is Less Costly

Purchasing a solar generator system is less expensive than renting or buying a comparable diesel generator, and the price is dropping by 3% a year

You also have almost no operating costs after you purchase it. Although the initial cost is more than hooking up to the grid, in the long-term, buying temporary solar power for a construction site generates less monthly expenses than either the power company or fossil fuels.

You Can Use Your Existing Construction Trailer

Solar panels, inverters, and storage can all be installed in one trailer if you only need one generator. Smaller solar generators are available if you work on a large construction site and need multiple power connections. You can also rearrange them to take advantage of clearings and terrain to help you generate power.

Using solar for temporary power for a construction site can save you time and money. We at Unbound Solar will help you make your company more environmentally friendly and efficient. Contact us today to learn more about using solar on your next construction project!

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