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For a home buyer, hearing the words that a solar system will be put on their newly-constructed home is music to their ears.

Why, you might ask?

Solar is a serious benefits giver.

Homebuyers are seeking out solar because they gain:

  • A lifetime of savings on electricity bills (and the system pays for itself)
  • Decreased dependence on a utility company
  • The opportunity to send excess power back to the utility company for credits
  • A minimum 4% increase in the value of their home
  • A 20% quicker home sale if they own the system
  • Federal and local incentives
  • A reduced carbon footprint
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While a grid-tied system can help homeowners achieve these goals, adding a solar battery storage system takes it one step further.

The following information can help you understand the differences between the two options and highlight the value that battery backup systems can provide for your future constructions.

What Is a Grid-Tied System?

In a typical grid-tied solar system, the home uses solar panels to obtain electricity from sunlight while also remaining connected to the local electrical grid.

The setup is configured to:

  • Harness energy from the sun
  • Convert the energy into electricity
  • Use the electricity to power the home
  • Export any excess power to the grid

When power is fed into the electrical grid, the utility company credits the homeowner.

Similarly, if the household needs more power than the solar system can generate, those demands can be met by importing electricity from the grid.

While this cost-effective system allows homes to harness the benefits of solar power, ultimately, homeowners are still dependent on the grid.

This has become a hellish situation if your buyer lives in California or Texas.

If the grid goes down, there is no backup system in place.

And nobody wants to be trapped in a powerless position, especially if you have critical equipment you need to power.

Moreover, the owner remains vulnerable to changes in utility company rates and government regulations.

What Is a Solar Battery Storage System? And How Does It Help?

To reduce dependence on the grid, many consumers request a solar battery storage system that allows excess electricity to be saved and used when needed.

This system, while still tied to the grid, offers several major advantages:

  • Energy harnessed during the day can be stored for use at night
  • Homeowners can save money by strategically using stored energy when electricity rates are at their peak
  • The home has a built-in source of backup power when the grid goes down
  • Homebuyers aren’t left vulnerable to future regulations or changes in the utility rate design

And if you’re in California, your buyer can financially benefit from the state’s energy storage rebate program called the Self-Generation Incentive Program (SGIP).

Established in 2001, PG&E, SCE, SCG, and SDG&E customers are eligible for an incentive up to $200 per kilowatt-hour (kWh) when you install a battery storage system.

This will cover the majority of your buyer’s battery costs.

Their incentive value depends on the size of the batteries and is reduced as more battery systems are installed in the Golden State.

What Is the Best Solar Option for Your Next Home Construction?

For many homeowners, a solar battery storage system provides the best of both worlds: allowing them to stay connected to the grid while also protecting them from outages and grid dependency.

However, batteries can add significantly to the solar installation price, and, depending on the market, this additional cost is not always justified.

If you feel that adding a battery system does offer you enough return on your investment, consider installing a storage-ready hybrid inverter rather than a traditional string inverter.

This provides the future homeowner with the flexibility to add a battery bank at a later date.

And the necessary infrastructure is already in place to make the process quick and straightforward.

How Can You Learn More About a Solar Battery Storage System?

Do you have other questions about battery banks or solar in general?

The professionals at Unbound Solar® can act as an extension of your team, designing, building, and delivering custom solar systems that integrate seamlessly into your existing building plans.

Contact us to learn more about solar energy and the benefits of solar battery storage systems!

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