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What You Need to Know About a Totally Solar-Powered Home

What would it be like to have a totally solar-powered home? It’s a question more people are asking themselves as they become increasingly interested in living off-grid. While there are countless benefits, it takes a lot of planning and some heavy capital investment to ditch your power company for good. 1. Home Size and Power … Continued

Ever Wondered How Do Solar Panels Work at Night? We Have the Answer!

If you’ve considered installing a solar power system, you’ve likely wondered how solar panels work at night. We have the answer!  Here’s the scoop on how solar power can ensure your busy life is powered all night long! Net Metering Is One Answer to How Do Solar Panels Work at Night Solar panels need the … Continued

What are Solar Panels Used For? The Many Uses of Solar Energy

Let’s start with a pop quiz. Do you know how much sunlight our planet basks in? If you guessed 430 quintillion joules (that’s 430 with 15 zeros!) every hour, you win! That’s more energy than everyone on the planet uses in a year.  We get a clean, carbon-free renewable energy source when we capture the … Continued

Homebuilders and Solar Panels: Understanding Solar Panel Weight and Size

If you’re a homebuilder, you may have noticed an uptick in demand for solar power. With solar’s growing popularity, it helps to understand building requirements.  This can range from solar panel​ weight to roof pitch. For instance, did you know that a 250-watt residential panel weighs about 40 pounds? Now, let’s look at building requirements … Continued

4 Benefits of Off-Grid Energy During a Power Outage

We all remember the horror. In February 2021, approximately 2.8 million Texas residents, 300,000 Oregonians, and 150,000 Virginians lost power in a winter storm that barreled across the country.  Six months later, Hurricane Ida crashed ashore in Louisiana as a Category 4, leaving a million people without power, thousands of whom still did not have … Continued

4 Agrivoltaic Solutions to the Challenges You Might Face as a Farmer

Farmers and ranchers across America are diversifying their land use to generate extra income.  One source of revenue has taken off . . . Solar! Adding solar arrays to your farmland creates a mixed-use arrangement called agrivoltaics.  They provide an excellent way to supplement your energy needs and earn passive income while continuing your farming … Continued

What You Need to Know About How to Store Solar Energy

Many people are drawn to solar power. One of the major reasons is to avoid planned and unexpected power outages. And this is vital for those who need to power critical devices and appliances. So how do we store solar energy to ensure your system works effectively, day or night? And what are your options? … Continued

The Many Uses of Small Solar Panels

We’re all familiar with solar panels.  We see them everywhere these days. But did you know that they come in different sizes? Small solar panels access solar energy outside of the traditional sense.  Let’s check out how functional a mini solar system might be and the surprising ways they’re put to use! Small Solar Panels … Continued

8 Reasons Why It’s Important to Have a Solar Battery Backup

When designing a solar setup for your home, one of the biggest questions you encounter is including a solar battery backup.  Experts generally consider batteries the most expensive part of any solar system.  As a result, homeowners looking to save money often purchase more panels and skip batteries altogether.  When grid-tied, at night, homeowners might … Continued

The Positive Environmental Impact of Solar Energy That You Can Feel Good About

There is much talk about how renewable energies are good for the planet. But how exactly solar benefits the planet is still murky. If you’re considering solar power, it helps to understand all the benefits.  The positive environmental impact of solar energy reaches further than reducing carbon dioxide emissions.  It also affects the air we … Continued