An Introduction to Solar Panel Components and How They Work

You’ve seen the gleaming solar panels on houses in your neighborhood or on buildings downtown. And you may have thought about joining the renewable energy movement.  You can quickly convert your home into a more environmentally-conscious structure with solar panel components. This guide will help you understand how residential solar energy works and decide whether … Continued

Leave Rising Utility Costs Behind: Learn How to Harness Energy Independence

Energy keeps our homes running smoothly.  Without it, we’d struggle to stay warm in the winter, and our food would spoil.  Electricity keeps your home safe and efficient. Modern conveniences rely on energy.  Unfortunately, electricity generates carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gasses that pollute the planet.  Most people don’t want to return to an old-fashioned … Continued

What Are Scheduled Power Outages? Avoid Them with Solar Power

For decades, most Americans considered scheduled blackouts a thing of the past.  But in recent years, they’ve become more common.  They’re especially likely in large cities where old power grids struggle to keep growing populations and power-hungry businesses.  Let’s dive into scheduled power outages and how solar panels can help you avoid them. What Are … Continued

5 Ways to Take Advantage of Passive Solar Energy in Your Home

Switching to solar power can satisfy your desire to lower your carbon footprint and your energy bill. But sometimes, you need to find alternative ways to incorporate renewable energy into your home.  That’s where passive solar energy design comes into play.  You can tap into the Sun’s free resources by building or updating your home … Continued

What Is Eco-Tourism and Why Has It Become So Popular?

For most of the last century, Western vacationers have used travel as a way to escape the routine.  They’ve often traveled to lower-income countries with warmer climates where local individuals provide hospitality in exchange for precious tourism dollars.  Unfortunately, this kind of travel often creates an uneven relationship and can damage the environment.  Eco-tourism is … Continued

7 Eco-Friendly Backyard Gardening Ideas to Try This Year

Using more environmentally-conscious methods in daily life can help reduce your carbon footprint and possibly slow down the effects of climate change.  Eco-friendly backyard gardening ideas offer some of the easiest ways to green your routine. Let’s dig into how to make your gardening better for the environment and why you should.   Why Should I … Continued

Do Solar Panels Work in Bad Weather?

There’s no doubt that solar panels have become an increasingly popular way to produce energy.  If you have or are planning to install an array on your home, you might wonder:  Do solar panels work in bad weather?  It’s a perfectly understandable question — who wants to invest in something that doesn’t work when you … Continued

What Solar Owners Need to Know About Net Metering

More American households are embracing renewable energy technology.  One form that has become popular and affordable is solar power.  Solar panels convert energy from the Sun into a readily usable form. But it’s challenging to generate the exact amount of energy you need around the clock.  Some systems use a battery bank to store excess … Continued

7 Benefits of Solar Power During an Oil Shortage

A shortage of oil can cause energy prices to rise worldwide, including the cost of electricity flowing through the grid.  Crises that affect the availability and cost of fossil fuels are likely to continue and even intensify. Still, you can take steps to insulate yourself from an oil shortage.  Here are seven benefits of switching … Continued

3 Things to Consider When Building a Solar Home

Solar technology is currently more affordable than ever.  As prices continue to improve, many home builders are thinking about constructing their homes with an integrated solar system.  This can be a smart way to reduce future costs and protect the environment But it can increase costs in the short term.  So, here are a few … Continued