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What You Should Know About the REAP Loan Application Process

If you’re a farmer or rancher, you’ve felt it firsthand . . . Energy costs these days are bruising. And unfortunately, they make up a huge portion of your operational bills. But there’s an exit strategy: going solar. So, what’s the big deal about solar? Well, solar power can significantly reduce your electricity costs, pad … Continued

How to Create the Ultimate Modern Tiny Homes

The tiny home movement was born out of a desire to simplify living and reduce expenses to allow for other adventures. Tiny homes these days run the gamut from luxury to minimalist. If you’re interested in modern tiny homes, there’s a lot online about why it may be a good choice for you and what … Continued

Live Independently with These Tiny House Ideas

What do you envision when you hear “tiny homes”? Cramped spaces? Inadequate storage? But living in a tiny home doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice comfort or aesthetics. Fun Fact: Living off-grid saves you big bucks, and these cost savings free you to build the kind of home you want. There are many reasons to … Continued

Are Solar Farms Profitable? Learn How to Make a Second Stream of Income on Your Farm

With plummeting crop prices nowadays, farmers are looking at a new cash crop: solar energy. Farming practices used in previous decades are becoming harder to sustain and ensure profitability. This raises a new question for those of you whose land is the backbone of your livelihood: Are solar farms profitable? This is a weighty question … Continued

What You Need to Know When Creating Your Tiny House Plans

If you’re like more and more people in the United States, you’re interested in downsizing your life. Why? Because you want to focus on the important things, like: Saving money Having more free time Lightening your environmental footprint So what does downsizing your entire life look like (no small feat!)? Perhaps shedding unnecessary possessions and … Continued

Do Solar Panels Heat and Dry the Ground?

Solar energy has taken the US by storm. Why? Its plummeting prices – dropping 89% since 2010 – have made solar highly desirable, especially the utility bills savings that it provides. For these reasons, we’re also witnessing farms embrace renewable energies. In fact, 133,176 farms have installed a renewable energy source on their land since … Continued

What You Should Know About Solar Power Grants and Funding through REAP

As a farmer or rancher, at some point, you may have experienced a drought. Those of us out West are currently experiencing this firsthand . . . at historic levels. And you know that it poses a significant risk to your livestock. Cows stressed by heat experience: Reduced milk production Reduced pregnancy rates Increased disease … Continued

How to Buy or Sell a Home with Solar Panels

As we all know, fossil fuels have been powering our world for eons. All the way back to when exactly? What is the 1800s, Alex? Back when coal was first used to heat homes. Since then, coal, oil, and gas have powered our society, but it’s also contributed to harmful greenhouse gases. In turn, homeowners … Continued

Get the Low-Down on Accessory Dwelling Units

In the last few years, the housing industry has undergone a few changes. We’ve witnessed housing shortages in major cities catapult rents and home prices sky-high. Then the price of building materials alarmingly soared even higher. And more people seek to simplify their lives and gain independence by downsizing into tiny homes. In turn, accessory … Continued

Working Remotely? Create a Tiny Backyard Office!

Working from home sounds ideal to a lot of people. There’s no more hustling in the morning to shower up, pick out a suitable outfit, gulp down breakfast, and polish those pearly whites. And no more sitting rush hour traffic, crawling along at a mind-numbing pace. Working remotely has been a game-changer! You have: The … Continued