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What Is a Photovoltaic System and How Does It Work?

In a world where climate change has become a global concern, photovoltaic (PV) systems show promise as a top renewable energy source. But what are they, and how do they work?  For many, solar PV systems and the electricity production process remain a mystery. To develop a holistic understanding of this seemingly obscure solar power … Continued

Everything You Need to Know About the Cost of a Solar System

Do you feel that the utility company raises your rates every time you turn around?  They likely are, as electricity costs in the US are increasing.  In 2020, prices rose by 1.4%, and in 2021, they went up by 2.3%.  This trend isn’t expected to change in 2022, making solar an appealing exit strategy.  Another … Continued

Fighting Climate Change: The Many Benefits of Solar Energy

You might hear a lot about solar energy. You might even recognize that it’s generally a good initial step in creating a greener home and business. But other than that, what do you really know about the benefits of solar energy? If the answer is “not much,” then you’re in the right place.  Besides being … Continued

How Does a Solar Inverter Work?

Whether it’s the financial incentives or concern for the environment, no one can deny the benefits of utilizing the sun’s natural power. It’s a free energy source available at all hours throughout the year. It makes you wonder why it ever took so long.  The realization that utilizing the big, yellow ball in the sky … Continued

Off-Grid vs. On-Grid Solar System: What’s Best for Your Farm or Ranch?

When creating your solar power system, one of the first big considerations is off-grid vs. on-grid solar. This determines whether you plan to remain tied to the grid or want to fully break free of utilities. So which option is right for your farm or ranch? How to Choose Between Off-Grid vs. On-Grid Solar We … Continued

How to Choose the Best Off-Grid Solar System

Like any other complex system, how well an off-grid solar system works depends on the individual parts.  So, choosing the best system requires researching the different components. This might seem intimidating, but there are core components of the system with which you can start. Even if these are the only options you weigh, you can … Continued

10 Ways Solar Panels Can Help You Achieve Independent Living

Over the past decade, there has been a renewed interest in independent living and total self-sufficiency.  This has coincided with a strong focus on green initiatives and eco-friendly energy production.  Whether you want to achieve energy independence for enjoying life on the road, building a homestead, or going green in the suburbs, solar panels should … Continued

The Ultimate Guide to Living Off the Grid

Life is all about new adventures. And living off the grid is a big one for people who choose to be more self-sufficient and step away from the daily grind. There are several decisions to consider about how you plan to live and what experience you want. It’s essential to embrace the lifestyle and educate … Continued

Solar Panels for Dairy Farms Can Increase Milk Production: Here’s How!

According to US Farm Data, there are over 60,000 dairy farms in the United States. We use fresh dairy for milk, cheese, butter, and countless other products every day. Plus, who doesn’t love to indulge in some Wisconsin-made cheese curds? But, unless you’re a farmer, you may forget that at the beginning of the supply chain, a … Continued