We use Lithium Iron Phosphate (LFP)(LiFePO4) batteries on our Grid-tied/Grid Assist systems. Not only do they meet the safety requirements of UL9540, LFP batteries are, less toxic, more stable and safer than lithium-ion batteries, as the chemistry is less prone to overheating and thermal runaway.


How Many Watts Does a Solar Panel Produce?

Solar panels are a great investment for your home. They can reduce your energy costs by letting the sun power your house and cut down on the need to pull electricity from the grid. As you look at your options from Unbound Solar, it’s important to ask how many watts does a solar panel produce … Continued

The Solar Panel Production Process: Why Where You Buy Your Solar Panels Matters

Solar energy is one of the largest technological breakthroughs of the last hundred years. You likely know that solar panels harvest energy from sunlight and convert it into electricity, but you may not understand how that process occurs and what components make it possible. Understanding the solar panel production process can be a big help … Continued

Do Solar Panels Damage Your Roof?

While there are many advantages of solar energy, as a homeowner you naturally have questions about the installation process before you dive in. One of the most frequently asked questions is, “Do solar panels damage your roof?” When Do Solar Panels Damage Your Roof? In short, solar units may damage your roof if they are … Continued

Creative Dual-Uses for Your Home’s Ground Mounted Solar Panels

Most people who buy solar panels have them mounted directly to their roofing.  This is often a good place because it provides excellent sun exposure. And roof-borne panels don’t interfere with the lawn or property.  However, you might find installing panels on your roof impossible.  In this case, ground-mounted solar panels are perfectly viable, and … Continued

The Impact of Solar Power Use on Future Green Technology

Fossil fuels’ downsides are becoming undeniable. Thankfully, the world’s response is to shift toward sustainable energy and technology.  Every day, scientists and engineers overcome hurdles to power the planet’s buildings and infrastructure entirely with renewable energy sources.  We haven’t begun to explore green technology’s full potential with solar power.  Here’s a glimpse of what the … Continued

The Bright Future of Solar Energy in the United States

As a discerning consumer, you understand that solar energy means freedom.  The more you know about innovations in this sector, the more confident you can feel that installing solar panels gives you independence and peace of mind as a homeowner. What Should You Know About the Future of Solar Energy for Your Home? Improved technology, … Continued

Beyond Solar Power: Other Energy Efficient Home Improvements to Consider

When building or updating your home, there are many things to consider. You could have appliances to buy, innovative home ecosystems to create, building materials to select for removal or installation, and much more.  If you’re not already, you should also be looking into making energy-efficient home improvements. Why Should You Consider an Energy Efficient … Continued

An Introduction to Solar Panel Components and How They Work

You’ve seen the gleaming solar panels on houses in your neighborhood or on buildings downtown. And you may have thought about joining the renewable energy movement.  You can quickly convert your home into a more environmentally-conscious structure with solar panel components. This guide will help you understand how residential solar energy works and decide whether … Continued

Leave Rising Utility Costs Behind: Learn How to Harness Energy Independence

Energy keeps our homes running smoothly.  Without it, we’d struggle to stay warm in the winter, and our food would spoil.  Electricity keeps your home safe and efficient. Modern conveniences rely on energy.  Unfortunately, electricity generates carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gasses that pollute the planet.  Most people don’t want to return to an old-fashioned … Continued

What Are Scheduled Power Outages? Avoid Them with Solar Power

For decades, most Americans considered scheduled blackouts a thing of the past.  But in recent years, they’ve become more common.  They’re especially likely in large cities where old power grids struggle to keep growing populations and power-hungry businesses.  Let’s dive into scheduled power outages and how solar panels can help you avoid them. What Are … Continued