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What Is Solar Permitting and Why Is It Necessary?

Going solar gives you the amazing opportunity to break free from your electric company and help the environment.  But there’s a crucial step. Once you decide to install a solar panel system, you must obtain approval for a solar permit from your local building authority and electric company.  Since the US doesn’t have a standard … Continued

Filing Solar Power Permits in 2021? Consider the Following Factors

Here’s What You Need to Know. All of these factors are important to consider when permitting your solar system, and can help streamline your process. Take the time to consider these often-overlooked aspects so you’re not caught off guard!  This guide is the perfect prep work to get you started on going solar, and can save … Continued

Solar Permitting Step-By-Step 1: Interconnection

Permitting for your planned solar array installation may seem like a daunting prospect, but we’re here to help take hours off the process by streamlining it for you. You may have already signed up to receive our free Permitting Checklist, and even read our Step-By-Step guide online. You may have already priced your planned solar … Continued