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13 Sustainable Building Practices to Consider for Your Construction Business

As a construction business owner, you know that sustainable building practices are essential.  Some would argue that sustainability is more important than ever before.  Its practices help the environment and save you and your clients time and money in the long run.  Is it time to implement more of them in your business processes? What … Continued

Understanding the Relationship between Solar Panels and Soil Health

Scientists have discovered that the best places to build large solar arrays have the same properties as areas traditionally used as cropland.  Solar panels can provide clean and affordable energy for your farm while also making it easier to manage remote properties where traditional electric lines are impossible. Adding solar production can diversify income streams … Continued

A Builder’s Guide to Solar Power New Home Construction

Homebuilders, did you know that only 6% of homes in the US had solar panels in 2019. But over the past year, 46% of American homeowners said they’d considered installing them? That is significant. But this uptick didn’t come out of the blue. Concerns about climate change and rising energy costs have people looking to … Continued

Why Use Solar Panels for Temporary Power for a Construction Site

When it comes to temporary power for a construction site, you’re probably used to connecting to a power grid or using gas-powered generators. Fortunately, there is another, cleaner option.  That option is using the energy of the Sun. There are many reasons you should consider solar generators for your next construction project. The Solar Industry … Continued

Solar Panels and Regenerative Farming: A Powerful Pairing for Sustainability

Solar power has proliferated to the point that you can point out arrays and panels on a roof or in a solar farm.  Regenerative agriculture is not as visible. But this approach to cultivation also involves methods that are becoming more common on small and large farms alike. Many initiatives pair solar panels with regenerative … Continued

5 Facts About Solar Panel Specs All Builders Should Know

As solar energy becomes more popular, many builders now include solar panels in their projects.  If you’re in construction, it’s essential to understand the basics of solar panel specs.  Here’s a handy guide to help you design, estimate, or install solar energy systems for your building projects. 1. The Type of Solar Panel: Mono vs. … Continued

5 Things to Consider About Solar for Agriculture

Across America, more farmers and ranchers have begun to embrace solar power. They find that using solar for agricultural applications can save time and money. How? The more efficient their operations, the lower the costs and the higher their profits are. So, what do farmers need to know before using solar for agriculture? Let’s have … Continued

Tips for Finding the Best House Solar Panels for Sale

As a Builder, adding solar panels to a house might seem like an expensive investment. But the benefits far outweigh the initial costs.  Fortunately, the intense interest in solar these days extends to the residential sector, prompting many companies to offer quality options. Yet, the increased market competition means plenty of house solar panels are … Continued

4 Agrivoltaic Solutions to the Challenges You Might Face as a Farmer

Farmers and ranchers across America are diversifying their land use to generate extra income.  One source of revenue has taken off . . . Solar! Adding solar arrays to your farmland creates a mixed-use arrangement called agrivoltaics.  They provide an excellent way to supplement your energy needs and earn passive income while continuing your farming … Continued