What Solar Options for Homes Can Builders Offer?

For decades, solar installations served as add-on features that homeowners pursued after purchasing their homes.  However, government regulations and consumer demand have made solar a crucial component of the real estate market and even building code compliance.  California, for instance, sought to reduce dependence on the stressed grid by making solar panels mandatory for new-construction … Continued

6 Things to Consider When Getting a Commercial Solar System

Commercial solar panels are an excellent way for businesses to reduce – or even eliminate – their electric bill while utilizing clean energy. Solar power can take electric costs virtually out of the equation with a commercial solar installation, which is great for minimizing overhead and improving cash flow. Of course, there is the upfront cost of purchasing commercial solar panels. But the total return … Continued

5 Ways to Create an Off-Grid Farm

Self-sufficiency is probably pretty important to you if you’re interested in farming.  You may have thought about living off the grid.  The idea of resource independence is appealing: No more water or power bills. Think of the money you’d save! If you could create an off-grid farm, you could be as close to self-sustaining as … Continued

What Does a Solar Ready Mandate Mean for Builders?

As a builder, you’ve been following the latest home trends. A major one is solar-powered builds. Solar technology is continually improving, and the costs of installations are plunging. Not surprisingly, many states and cities are turning to this solar power to solve today’s dual crises of energy and climate change.  Energy prices are climbing, and … Continued

What Is Agrivoltaics and Why Is It Important?

With a global population of nearly 8 billion and counting . . . And a rapidly changing climate, energy, food, and water security issues are facing all of us. As a farmer or rancher, you know firsthand how vulnerable the planet is in all three areas.  You confront the uncertainties of changing weather patterns that … Continued

5 Benefits of Using Solar Power for Business

If you’ve been overspending on power for your business, you’re probably eager to find a better way.  Many company owners don’t realize how far solar power for business has come in the past decade.  Whether or not you spend your time thinking about the environmental impact of your enterprise, commercial solar has already become a … Continued

8 Facts About Renewable Energy Mandates by State

If you’re a builder, it’s hard to avoid the changing trends in renewable energy in the US.  Not only is customer demand up, but policy initiatives are also on the rise at local, state, and national levels.  This includes cutting carbon emissions.  And the construction industry plays a significant role. Why? Because commercial and residential … Continued

A Farmer’s Guide for Converting Land Back After a Solar Lease

If you’re a farmer currently working with a solar developer, you may be wondering what will happen to your land when your lease expires. Can you decommission a solar system? What happens to your ground if you choose to cancel your lease or don’t want to renew it? It doesn’t have to be a permanent … Continued

Off-Grid vs. On-Grid Solar System: What’s Best for Your Farm or Ranch?

When creating your solar power system, one of the first big considerations is off-grid vs. on-grid solar. This determines whether you plan to remain tied to the grid or want to fully break free of utilities. So which option is right for your farm or ranch? How to Choose Between Off-Grid vs. On-Grid Solar We … Continued

5 Best Pollinator Plants to Grow Under Solar Panels

Solar power, in particular solar farm are taking the world by storm. By 2030, an estimated 2 million acres of land will be devoted to generating solar energy. And many of those could provide a critical service in increasing pollinator habitat. Why is that? Well, research has found that pollinator plants do very well under … Continued