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According to US Farm Data, there are over 60,000 dairy farms in the United States.

We use fresh dairy for milk, cheese, butter, and countless other products every day.

Plus, who doesn’t love to indulge in some Wisconsin-made cheese curds?

But, unless you’re a farmer, you may forget that at the beginning of the supply chain, a farmer is taking care of a herd of cows.

And their goal is to keep their cows healthy to produce high-quality milk.

Now, if you are a farmer, you’re always looking to improve your business and your cows’ health.

Let’s explore how solar panels for dairy farms can improve the lives of your cows and increase your milk production.

Solar Panels for Dairy Farms Are a Clean, Renewable Energy Source

In 1936, farming significantly changed when electricity was introduced to farms around the country.

Fast-forward several decades.

We have a new normal: Solar panels to power your farm.

There are several benefits to solar power, including:

  • Reducing your electricity, legal, and installation costs
  • Providing shade
  • Lengthening growing seasons (for farmers who grow crops and raise dairy cows)

Farms going solar, including dairy farms, are viewed as being at the forefront of “cleaner” energy that can help the environment.

Using this renewable energy decreases your reliance on fossil fuels, such as coal and natural gas.

Solar Panels for Dairy Farms Can Increase Your Cows’ Comfort

On a more practical note, solar panels for dairy farms can provide extra comfort for cows that often live in hot, humid conditions.

Cows may not produce enough milk for several reasons, but heat is one of the top reasons.

This is because heat stresses and sickens cows.

When they’re too hot, they may not eat as much.

And when they aren’t eating normally, they don’t produce milk as usual.

If you’ve been using fans and sprayers to cool your cows, there may be a better way.

You can keep your cows healthier this year by installing solar panels to provide shade in which they can graze and rest.

Get In Touch with Unbound Solar

If you’d like to learn more about using solar panels for dairy farms, as well as how they might benefit your business, get in touch!

At Unbound, we’d love to discuss all your solar needs!

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