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The tiny home movement was born out of a desire to simplify living and reduce expenses to allow for other adventures.

Tiny homes these days run the gamut from luxury to minimalist.

If you’re interested in modern tiny homes, there’s a lot online about why it may be a good choice for you and what goes into building a tiny house.

Here are some things to consider if you decide to pursue tiny living.

Plan the Build for Modern Tiny Homes

A tiny home requires a workable floor plan, like any other residential build.

If you need help with the specifics, there’s a growing number of tiny home builders across the country.

The awesome part of modern tiny homes is being creative and developing the style of home that suits you.

Since building a tiny home saves money, you can include finishes that make this your dream home.

Space is of the essence, so be sure to include must-have items and necessities first.

Find a Beautiful Spot

The land you live on is one of the most important aspects of a tiny home build.

While some tiny homes are built on wheels and mobile, many homeowners seek a permanent urban community or a place in the country.

Wherever you decide to put down roots, think about how you want the home to blend into the surrounding area.

If you find a gorgeous piece of land, add lots of windows to take in the views.

Extend the Living Space Outside

Tiny home dwellers take full advantage of the outdoors.

Here are some ways to expand your living area:

  • Create a large deck: Many modern tiny homes have spacious decks that expand your living area. Deck materials draw the inside beauty to the outside with a seamless transition.
  • Add an outdoor kitchen: Create a combination indoor and outdoor kitchen that gives you room to grill and dine outside. This saves room for other items on your indoor must-haves list.
  • Extend your living room: Tiny homes are perfect for extending living rooms to encompass the outdoors. Use French or sliding doors to invite the beauty in and enjoy the best of both worlds simultaneously.

Add Solar Energy

Modern tiny homes give you the ability to build for energy efficiency.

Solar panels are a great way to reduce costs and embrace modern energy concepts.

There are solar system options that fit your needs and give you all the energy necessary to power your home.  

Include Natural Elements

Natural elements warm your home décor and make it an inviting space.

Consider integrating wood and stone into your tiny house design.

Using these elements creates a beautiful flow when you extend them into outdoor rooms, gardens, or decks.

Solar Power Systems for Modern Tiny Homes

At Unbound Solar®, our mission is to help you do solar power your way.

With the move toward living in modern tiny homes, we have the equipment and expertise to get you on the road to energy independence.

Get a quote today, and let us help you realize your dreams!

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