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If you’re the type of person who is comfortable with DIY projects that involve electrical components and climbing on the roof, you may have a new backup career in solar.

Or (more likely) you might be an excellent candidate to install your own solar system.

In this case, you may be interested the best solar panel kits to give you additional cost savings on a DIY installation.

There’s only one hiccup in this grand plan . . . .

All the information out there!

It can be challenging to wade through it all to find the best kit for you.

But you’re in luck!

We’ve condensed it down so that you can select the ideal solar kit based on your needs.

What Are the Best Solar Panel Kits?

For many people, the best kits are the ones that provide a high value per dollar.

Though cost is an important factor, you want to make sure that the kit you purchase is suitable for the job you need it to perform.

Best Solar Panel Kit Brands

There is a lot of competition in the solar industry these days, and there are several good brands to choose from.

The best solar panel kits contain components from brands with a proven track record and offer solid warranties.

Best Solar Panel Budget or Value Kits

When you’re going solar on a budget, you need a kit that offers the best return on your investment.

First, look for options that deliver the power you require with the components you need for your setup.

Once you’ve narrowed down your choices, divide the cost of the system by the total solar panel watts to find the kit that offers the best value.

Best Solar Panel Kits for Homes

The best solar panel kits for homes deliver sufficient power to accomplish your energy goals.

If you are going to be connected to the grid, you’ll need a different setup than if you’re going to be completely energy self-sufficient.

Best Solar Panel Grid-Tied Kits

In most residential areas, it’s helpful to get a grid-tied kit that includes micro-inverters.

Otherwise, when one or more of your panels is even partially shaded, your entire system will suffer from a significant drop in output. And you don’t want to suffer through this either!

The best grid-tied solar kits include Enphase IQ7A micro-inverters and Astonergy modules.

You can select the kit size that meets your monthly output needs, but these kits generally cost between $1.45 and $1.5 per watt.

Best Solar Panel Off-Grid Kits

When you’re looking for energy independence, you need a system that can operate all of your electronics and is capable of producing more power than you need.

The excess power is then stored in a battery bank.

The best off-grid solar kits come with a True Sine Wave inverter that will protect all of your sensitive electronic equipment.

One of the best solar panel kits for an off-grid medium-sized home is the 7.68 kW 24-Panel Heliene Off-Grid Solar System offers ample power and comes with a True Sine Wave inverter, with a cost of $2.4 per watt.

Best Solar Panel RV Kits

If you want to go solar in your RV so that you can enjoy energy independence, you’ll first need to determine how much power your motorhome or trailer needs.

Then, you can choose the best solar kits for RVs.

The 300-watt Solarland RV kit comes with an MPPT charger and three 100-watt solar panels.

It costs $5.1 per watt, and it gives you a sturdy, reliable source of power for boondocking to your heart’s content.

Best Solar Panel Portable Kits

RVers and boaters often want kits that include panels that don’t have to be permanently mounted.

The best solar panel kits for this purpose have flexible panels, such as the Sundancer RV kit.

It comes with two 115-watt Sol-Go flexible panels and a Midnight KID 30-amp MPPT charger. It costs $5.33 per watt.

DIY Best Solar Kits

Unbound Solar® offers a wide selection of solar panel kits.

And we’re always available to answer your questions on available products and the best kit to meet your energy needs.

We also offer a DIY workshop to give you the knowledge and confidence you need to complete your project.

Contact us today if you have any questions about what kit is right for you!

Download our free solar panel buying guide!

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