Should Builders Install the Same Types of Solar Inverters on Residential and Commercial Projects?

Solar panel power systems are becoming incredibly popular in both residential and commercial projects. Business owners and homeowners alike increasingly understand how much solar power boosts their energy efficiency while significantly reducing utility costs. Builders who handle both residential and commercial projects are called upon to incorporate solar into new builds. When your company is … Continued

Should Your Next Solar Installation Include a Solar Battery Storage System?

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Do Solar Panels Impact Home Resale Value?

Do you remember when you first heard about carbon emissions and the “greenhouse effect”? It may have been decades ago. Can you guess when “greenhouse effect” was first coined? All the way back in 1827, a French mathematician first used the term. Tuck that nugget away in case you ever find yourself on Jeopardy. But … Continued

Who Handles Solar System Service Maintenance After Installation?

The world around us is constantly changing. You know the situation…like, “Where did they move my favorite cold beverage in this darn grocery store?!” Beyond grocery store lay-outs, one of the things that’s also rapidly changing is the world of renewable energies. A long-time name on the scene – solar power – is expected to … Continued

How Expensive Are Solar Panels for Builders?

How expensive are solar panels for construction companies? Find out the costs for builders when it comes to installation and why it’s worth the investment.