DIY Solar Primer: What System Type is Best for Me?

If you’re new to solar and energy storage, this content is essential. In this solar primer, we’ll break down the pros and cons of the different system types. This primer helps us to optimize your workshop experience.

Already know what system type you need?

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A. Watch: What Solar System Type is Right for Me?

Key Take Aways

  • Grid-Tied is the most affordable and delivers the highest return on investment
  • Off-Grid requires Battery Storage, which increases maintenance and upfront costs
  • Grid-Tie with battery back up is ideal when critical appliances/devices need continuous power (even during blackouts)

C. Quiz: Solar System-Type Overview.

1. Why would you choose a Grid-Tied system over an Off-Grid system if you're already connected to the grid?

2. When does Off-Grid Solar make the most sense?

3. Why do basic Grid-Tie systems stop powering the home or business during a power outage?

4. When does including battery backup (energy storage) for your Grid-Tie system make the most sense?

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You’re now versed in the different solar types and are ready to dive deeper into learning how to Power Your Own Way.

Next: Choose which system type best describes your application.

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