Solar Permitting
Made Easy.

Join the thousands of people who are saving time and money with Unbound Solar’s Permitting Plan Set.

Take the Pain Out of Permitting

Our Solar Permitting Plan Set makes the permitting process a breeze.

Simply provide us with some basic onsite details, and we’ll send you the required plan set documents for your permit submission.

95% of our customers have their permits approved on their first submission — so you can get past all the paperwork and start off-setting your energy cost sooner.

One Submission,
One Approval.

Your Permitting Plan Set package will include all the necessary equipment spec-sheets, forms, and documents you need to cut through the red tape. 

Your Permitting Plan Set Includes:

Cover Page

Aerial photograph of site, project notes, scope of work, and document index.

Notes Page

Lists installation notes for the site, equipment locations, wiring, and conduit, structural, grounding, interconnects, and disconnects.

Site & Project Plan

Includes a scaled site plan with Three-Line Diagram, orientation, property lines, electrical overview, and electrical component/solar panel locations.

Placard & Label Guide

Displays all the required warning labels and placards, lists corresponding electrical codes, and where each label or placard should be placed.

Data Sheets & Racking

Includes manufacturers’ data sheets for all major components. Structural diagram showing all mounting methods, associated hardware, weights, and measurements.

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Optional Engineering Services

We work with engineers across the country, so if your jurisdiction requires one or more engineering stamps, we can have your permit professionally reviewed and stamped for a nominal fee.

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