The Best Solar Inverter Just Got Even Better.

Limitless Power meets Limitless Support

Unbound Solar and Sol-Ark have teamed up to deliver an unprecedented energy production experience — combining the best-in-class inverter with the #1 solar support team in the USA.

What Makes Sol-Ark the Best Inverter for
Grid-Tie and Off-Grid Solar?

Easy Installation

Sol-Ark’s all-in-one, compact design takes the headache out of your inverter hookup:

  • Weighs only 74 lbs. — 3x less than legacy systems
  • Easily accessible terminals for quick adjustments
  • Fewer components & small parts

Adaptive Technology

Sol-Ark offers out-of-the-box integration with grid-tie, off-grid, hybrid, and battery backup systems:

  • Uninterrupted backup power
  • Compatible with a wide range of lithium and lead-acid battery manufacturers
  • Supports peak demand shaving

Storage-Ready Design

The Sol-Ark can function as a grid-tie inverter — with or without batteries. Add energy storage right away, or wait until later when the time is right for you.

Effortless Expansion

Sol-Ark is great for projects both big and small. With the ability to parallel stack up to 9 inverters, Sol-Ark can adapt to larger applications and varying power demands.

Flexible Mounting Options

Install your Sol-Ark in a location that’s most convenient for you. The Dual 500Vdc PV Chargers with 1-6 PV string inputs mitigates performance issues and extra installation costs associated with long-distance wire runs.

Better Battery Life

Maximize your batteries’ lifespan with a built-in auto-generator start for your AC generator that keeps batteries at an optimal state of charge 24/7.

Monitor Anywhere, Anytime

Wi-fi connectivity allows you to monitor your system performance both on-site and remotely using the Powerview App.

Class-Leading Efficiency:

Get more power from your panels, and use it whenever you need it. Sol-Ark maximizes production from your system with minimal energy losses and low self-consumption.

EMP-Hardened upgrades available

Optional protection against the unknown (contact us for pricing).

Bundle with a Complete System Kit and Save Even More

Ready to take your energy independence to the next level with Sol-Ark? Request a quote today!

About The Team

Sol-Ark is a Texas based, veteran-owned business that employs engineers specializing in solar, electrical, mechanical, and nuclear engineering. By designing and building their own patent pending electronics and systems that are tested in-house, they maintain control over all aspects of quality and performance. Sol-Ark is an award-winning system, known for its flexibility, robustness and it’s reliability.

With a vision to help create a world where clean energy is powered by individuals, ingenuity and independence, Unbound Solar’s mission is to provide tailored solutions and lifelong support empowering people, communities, and businesses to control the way they harness clean energy.

Founded in 1992 on the premise that anyone can be self-sustainable wherever they choose to live, Unbound Solar has successfully extended its do-it-yourself (DIY), off-grid roots and is now recognized as one of the leading online solar solutions providers with a Do It Your Way approach – whether living off the utility grid, connected to your local utility, or somewhere in between.