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New Name and New Brand Better Reflects Company’s Approach to Offering Solar Solutions Customized to Meet Each Customer’s Unique Needs

[ASHLAND, OR and MOUNT SHASTA, CA – October 26, 2020] — Wholesale Solar, the leading “Do It Your Way” U.S. solar solutions provider, today announced that it is changing its name to Unbound Solar, part of Unbound Renewable Energy, Inc.  The name change reflects the company’s broader commitment to designing, delivering and providing lifelong support for renewable energy solutions around the world.

“Unbound Solar is redefining the way people buy, install and benefit from renewable energy.  With access to equipment from all the leading manufacturers, we do not have the limitations that other solar providers, distributors or installers may have,” said Mr. Wil VandeWiel, CEO Unbound Solar. “Established nearly 30 years ago, Unbound Solar continues to pioneer the energy revolution by helping customers live life on their terms whether they are off-grid or connected to the utility grid — giving them more control, more choice, lifelong service and, ultimately, unbound freedom.”

Committed to its “Do It Your Way” approach, Unbound Solar works closely with customers to design and deliver systems that meet their unique needs. Because customers either install themselves or hire local contractors to help with installations, the total cost of an Unbound Solar-provided solution is significantly lower when compared to full service, turnkey installers.

“We know that solar helps customers become more self-sufficient and reduces reliance on the utility grid,” said VandeWiel. “Our commitment is to provide the right equipment, designs, expertise and services to our customers so they achieve the fastest return on investment in the industry.”

With a vision to help create a world where clean energy is powered by individuals, ingenuity and independence, Unbound Solar has designed over 20,000 solar installations which produce more than 100 MegaWatts of energy per hour.

About Unbound Solar

Unbound Solar, part of Unbound Renewable Energy, Inc,, provides tailored solutions and lifelong support that empowers people, communities and businesses to control the way they harness clean energy. Unbound Solar embraces a “Do It Your Way” approach which enables each customer to have more control and choice in their renewable energy solution and helps them achieve a faster return on investment. Since its launch in 2002, Unbound Solar has helped over 20,000 owners achieve lower bills and energy independence by supporting the production of more than 100 Megawatts of energy per hour on their own. Headquartered in the Pacific Northwest U.S., Unbound Solar is 100% employee owned with every one of our team members supporting increased self-reliance, independence and sustainable living.