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Unbound Solar partners with homebuilders to help you seamlessly add solar to new construction. Learn how adding solar can increase the value of your homes and help you sell them faster.

Increase Home Values By Going Solar

New homebuyers have definite ideas of what they want – with solar increasingly on the “must have” list of features.

As a homebuilder, you may choose to have a solar expert on staff – or you can work with Unbound Solar. We will provide the support and expertise you need to fully understand and incorporate solar electric systems into your new construction.

With solar more affordable than ever, now’s the time for you to start offering it as a feature in your homes. By partnering with Unbound Solar, you can increase the value of your new home builds more than 4% and sell them 20% faster.

Your buyers will love it, too: with a return on investment in 5-7 years, the average solar homeowner can also eliminate their monthly electric bills.

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Benefits For Homebuyers

Demand for solar is increasing, with solar installations growing 50% each year over the last 10 years. Homebuyers recognize that solar offers significant energy savings, and in some cases, eliminates monthly electric utility expenses. It is also good for the environment and a smart decision – with a return on investment in as little as 5 years based on available local, state and federal incentives.

Attract more buyers to your new homes

By incorporating solar, you will expand the marketability and interest of your new home builds – without impacting the time or cost to get it on the market. In addition to reducing their monthly household expenses, homebuyers are aware that the resale value of their homes increase when it is solar-equipped.


Sell your homes faster with solar

Rather than worry about whether your new home builds will sell fast, by including solar in your overall design and construction, your new homes can sell up to 20% faster than a conventional home given the increasing demand for solar-equipped homes as compared to available inventory.

Increase sale price and profit

Because solar is known to increase home values over 4%, offering it as a seamless addition to your new home builds provides a competitive advantage which can result in higher sales prices – and higher profits up to $2,000 per house.

You can also help lower your customers’ upfront investment by including the cost of solar directly into their mortgage. When you compare the additional monthly mortgage cost against their electricity bill savings, your new homebuyers will actually have lower overall monthly outlays!

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Resources & Support For Homebuilders

Unbound Solar will work with you to ensure you become fully competent and capable in solar installation by providing hands on, onsite training with an experienced professional. Working with Unbound Solar eliminates the time and effort you need to spend understanding and suitably incorporating solar into your construction — supporting you all the way from design to permitting and through installation, so you don’t need to worry.

Solar expertise and training

Unbound Solar has been directly supporting solar installations for the past 28 years, so we know how to do solar right. To ensure you and your team have the skills and knowledge you need, Unbound Solar will:

  • Assign a dedicated, experienced installation professional
  • Provide onsite training for initial installs
  • Let you know of relevant changes in solar technologies, incentives and market trends

Solar electric system designs that meet your needs

Homes designed with solar in mind look better; it’s that simple. Unbound Solar will collaborate with you to design end-to-end solar solutions that:

  • Maximize energy generation
  • Qualify for all applicable incentives
  • Comply with the California mandate and local building codes
  • Align with the aesthetics, architecture and needs of your homes
  • Match your high quality craftsmanship without sacrificing home design

Easy and cost-effective installation

With Unbound Solar experts by your side, your team will be able to handle solar installations with ease:

  • Leverage your team rather than hiring specialized solar installation professionals
  • Deploy existing subcontractors, roofers and electricians for solar installations when you need them
  • Rely on Unbound Solar to provide lifelong service and support to answer any questions and troubleshoot issues

Simplified process

There’s not much we haven’t seen at Unbound Solar. We know how to help you maneuver through paperwork, processes and installations to get things done quickly and efficiently:

  • Provide necessary permitting and incentive documentation to ensure you have everything you need for timely and accurate processing.
  • Work directly with buyers to help them meet their renewable energy goals and provide solar support and maintenance over the life of their system.
  • Ensure equipment and designs comply with local building codes and solar mandate requirements
  • Provide solar support to help you meet the green building certification standards you may be looking to achieve
  • Minimize the time it takes to solar power new homes

Businesses and Installers Rely on Unbound Solar

With over 28 years of experience in solar installations, Unbound Solar is uniquely qualified to design and provide solar electric solutions that help differentiate you from other home builders in your area – and improve your company’s bottom line.

Unbound Solar is run by employee-owners who take pride in designing customized solar solutions to help people take control of their energy needs. True to our roots, Unbound Solar is pioneering a new way to go solar for every household and lifestyle.

By partnering with Unbound Solar, you stay in control and have access to equipment from over 50 reputable manufacturers – so you won’t have to compromise when incorporating solar into your aesthetics and designs.

With Unbound Solar, continue to focus on what you do best: building in demand, high quality homes and leave the rest to us.


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“After many years of solar design and installation, I’ve found Unbound Solar to be the most reliable equipment source out there. Other distributors I’ve used pale in comparison. Many thanks for years of outstanding service.”

Chris Evans, MT
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“I’ve been ordering from Unbound Solar for three years as a solar installer and system designer, and have always had an excellent experience. There are a lot of choices when it comes to renewable energy equipment providers, but I will continue to order from Unbound Solar thanks to their prompt, professional service.”

Kris Wallin, NM

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“Unbound Solar is the ONLY place to go for your alternative energy gear! The are super knowledgeable, friendly and their prices are some of the best, especially because they stand in back of everything they sell.”

Marsha Sparks, WA
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