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Featured System:

Jinko US panels w/ SolarEdge 6.0 Inverter

September 21st is Zero Emissions Day. At Unbound we are making it Zero Emissions Month. Starting now through September 31st we are offering a significant savings on your system. 

Jinko / SolarEdge kit

All systems are primarily Top-Tier American sourced components and include permitting plan set

Racking is included in the price

5.3 kW System

  • 13x  Jinko 410W Panels
  • 1x  SolarEdge 6.0 Inverter
  • 13x  S-440 Optimizers
  • AC Disconnect, Cables, Labels, BOS


9.0 kW System

  • 22 Jinko 410W Panels
  • 1 SolarEdge 6.0 Inverter
  • 22 S-440 Optimizers
  • AC Disconnect, Cables, Labels, BOS


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10% off all inverters and our AMG battery backup systems or $1500 off one of our

featured Jinko.US systems with a SolarEdge inverter 6.0, which pretty much adds up to getting your inverter for free. Contact our sales associate to find out what will work for you.

Promotion Details
  • Lasts until September 31st
  • 10% Off all inverters and our AMG Battery Backup systems
  • $1,500 Off for the Jinko/solarEdge 6.0 Featured Kit

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