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If you’ve considered installing a solar power system, you’ve likely wondered how solar panels work at night.

We have the answer! 

Here’s the scoop on how solar power can ensure your busy life is powered all night long!

Net Metering Is One Answer to How Do Solar Panels Work at Night

Solar panels need the Sun to operate. 

Electricity is created throughout the day as photovoltaic solar panels absorb light

Technically, solar panels don’t work at night, but you can still access the energy they absorb after the Sun goes down. 

The energy generated during the day can be stored and reused thanks to 1) Net metering and 2) Solar battery storage.

Our first option – net metering – works in coordination with your local electric utility. 

In this scenario, you’re connected to the local power grid and send back any excess energy from your system. 

How does this work?

Net metering uses a bi-directional connection to allow energy to flow in and out of your home. 

And this puts money in your pocket . . .

Because net metering is like a savings account for you. 

You receive credits on your bill or reimbursements for the power you use when your solar system isn’t producing energy. 

The credits you bank then offset your billing costs, and this is a financial gain for you and the utility company using your power. 

And the trend is growing.

Forecasts show there will be more than 4 million solar installations by 2023. 

Clean energy is the way of the future, and net metering is a smart solution for community energy goals.   

Solar Battery Storage Is the Other Answer

Solar batteries are another choice for solar power storage. 

Batteries are popular with many solar customers because they allow greater independence from the local electric grid. 

Batteries store the power you need at night and, depending on your energy usage, have the potential to meet most of your needs.

Some solar users take advantage of how net metering and solar battery storage work together. 

You can set net metering to begin when your battery system runs low. 

This combination gives you and your family greater autonomy and energy savings. 

Our Solar Energy Team Can Answer All Your Questions

Unbound Solar provides personalized solutions to your solar energy questions, such as how do solar panels work at night. 

We work with customers to get the battery storage they need because a busy life requires steady solar power reserves.

Contact us to find out how solar can keep the power on for your family!

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