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Zero Emissions Day: A Sustainable Future in the Making

In an era characterized by growing environmental concerns and climate change, initiatives promoting sustainability and eco-consciousness have gained significant momentum. One such initiative is Zero Emissions Day, a global movement dedicated to raising awareness about our carbon footprint and encouraging individuals, businesses, and governments to take concrete steps towards a sustainable future.  What is Zero … Continued

Environmentally Friendly Activities to Celebrate Earth Day

Though Earth Day has been around for over 40 years, and its significance arguably grows with each passing year as our planet continues to face new and important environmental challenges. There are pressing issues like rising sea levels, fossil fuel dependence, resource scarcity, high pollution rates, and water and food supplies that are poisoning some … Continued

53 Ways You Can #GoGreen For St. Patrick’s Day!

We always say the first step to going solar is lowering your energy use. It will help you reduce the cost of your system, and hey, it’s good for the planet too! So this St. Patrick’s Day, we’ve compiled a list of 53 of the best ways to #GoGreen by lowering your energy use. And … Continued