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How Hiring a Local Solar Contractor Can Save You Money on Your Solar Project

There’s no doubt that going solar is less expensive than buying power from the utility over the long run. But the upfront costs for solar equipment and labor is a hurdle that gives many Americans pause as they consider whether to make the switch to solar.  National turnkey solar installers bid the cost of installation … Continued

What is Voltage Drop? Wiring Your Solar System to Maximize Efficiency

What is Voltage Drop? When current moves through an electrical circuit, a small amount of voltage is lost due to resistance in the wires. This concept, known as voltage drop, leads to a slight production loss from your solar array. Voltage drop is more pronounced over longer distances. A longer wiring run introduces more resistance … Continued

How to Find a Solar Installer You Can Trust

It can be a real pain to find a good solar installer. Most local solar installers offer an all-in-one solution to source equipment and install your solar system. But these turnkey providers often charge prohibitively steep prices to get the job done. That’s because turnkey providers are large companies with a lot of overhead (equipment, … Continued

[Videos] Become a Ground Mount Installing Pro: Beginner and Advanced IronRidge Videos

Finally gain the confidence you’ve been looking for! Our Friends at IronRidge want you to be a Ground Mount expert. In these 2 detailed videos you will learn the basic and advanced approaches to installing your Ground Mount solar foundation. Intro to Ground-based & IronRidge Design Assistant Ground Mounted solar arrays often appear very simple, … Continued

Five Quick Tips For Solar Installation Safety

Afraid of heights? Well, you’re not alone, and we understand working on your roof, DIY-installing a solar system, can be a daunting prospect. Nobody wants to be injured while working on the roof, so being careful on your rooftop is essential. Luckily, we have a few valuable tips and tools so you can stay safe … Continued