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Net Metering Guide: How the Utility Credits You for Solar Power

When you go solar, you need a way to store the energy generated by your panels. The easiest method is to hook into the utility grid to store energy and save it for later use. But to do that, you’ll need to agree to terms with the utility company that outline how you are credited … Continued

Community Solar: An Introductory Guide

What is Community Solar? Not everyone is able to build a solar electric system on their property. That’s where community solar comes in. A community solar system (often called a “solar farm” or “solar garden”) describes a central solar system that provides electricity to multiple members of a local community. These systems serve apartment complexes, … Continued

Brooklyn Microgrid: The Future of Solar For the Sharing Economy

The Sharing Economy Could Be the Future of the Energy Industry Brooklyn, New York is paving the way for a new system, and it’s called the microgrid. Combining state-of-the-art software with solar power, the Brooklyn Microgrid is a small-scale proof-of-concept that could prove to be the future of the energy industry. Brooklyn is a densely-packed … Continued