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Battery Storage vs Battery Back-up

Currently, there is a lot of buzz around battery-storage systems and battery back -up systems. They are not necessarily the same. With the new net-metering rules, ‘peak shaving’ as well as grid overload, (planned) outages and other power failures, it is important to know the differences, as they serve different purposes in power supply management. … Continued

Can You Use EV Power as an Emergency Backup?

One of the benefits of powering your home with solar panels is that it’s a reliable source of electricity.  And to complement your solar power, battery back-up stores energy for when you need it. Better yet, if you own an electric vehicle (EV), you could have another backup electricity source.  Using EV power as a … Continued

How to Find the Right Solar Battery Bank for You

Solar panels are good for the environment, help you save money, and free you from dependence on the power company. However, they can’t provide power at night. And weather conditions may interfere with the amount of energy generated during the day. Yet, there’s a solution. A solar battery bank ensures you always have power by … Continued

10 Important Things to Know About Emergency Solar Power

Whether disasters take the form of hurricanes, wildfires, or snowstorms, they all have the power to take down powerlines or make powerplants inoperable. When this happens, emergency solar power can be a lifesaver. Even so, most homeowners invest in a backup generator that runs on gas, diesel, or propane. Has solar energy advanced far enough … Continued

Fullriver Battery Review: DC400-6 Sealed AGM Battery [Updated 2021]

Fullriver makes our favorite Sealed AGM (Absorbent Glass Mat) battery on the market: the DC400-6, a 6V battery with 415 ah of capacity. This battery is ideal in situations where the battery bank may go an extended period of time between charge cycles, like at a vacation cabin or a remote telecom site. It’s also … Continued

Lead-Acid vs. Lithium Batteries: Which Are Best For Solar?

Welcome to our Solar 101 series! This article goes over a choice you’ll need to make if you buy a battery-based solar system, either to move off the grid or to add energy storage to your grid-connected home. Specifically, we’re going to look at lead-acid vs. lithium-ion batteries — the two main battery types used for solar. Here’s the … Continued

Best Batteries for Solar: Choose the Best for Your System

Solar batteries are a smart investment for energy storage. Without a battery bank, you won’t be able to store energy generated by your system for later use. If you’re tied to the grid, no battery means no backup power when the utility grid suffers an outage. If you live off-grid, your system simply won’t work at … Continued

Is Backup Power Right For You?

Lately, we’ve received a spike in the number of calls from people who are curious about pairing backup power to their solar system. There’s quite a lot to cover on this topic, and we realized we didn’t have a good resource that goes over the most frequently asked questions about backup power. So we’re here … Continued

Crown Battery Review: CR-430 Pros & Cons, Pricing and Specs

Crown is our best-selling battery brand, accounting for more than 45% of all battery sales here at Unbound Solar. In this Crown battery review, we’re going to look at what makes their flooded lead-acid line such an appealing option—especially for off-grid homes where the battery bank will see heavy daily usage. Specifically, we’ll take a … Continued

Battery Maintenance Tips: How To Care For Your Deep-Cycle Batteries

Solar batteries are the most costly component of any off-grid solar system. It’s important to program them properly and stick to a regular battery maintenance schedule to keep them running efficiently for years. Neglecting the proper setup and maintenance routine can shorten the lifespan of your batteries and void the product warranty. Some battery types, … Continued