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Living the nomad life is easier when you have the right van life accessories!

Whether you’re a weekend warrior or full-time road guru, there are plenty of gadgets and equipment that simplify life on the road and make you a much happier camper.

The amount of available gear is impressive since van living exploded in popularity over the past few years.

Here are five essentials to get you started.

1. Get a Wi-Fi Jetpack for Your Van Life Accessories

Life for many travelers means time is spent on both work and play.

Like 51% of van enthusiasts, you need a solid Wi-Fi signal if you live on the road.

A jetpack is a great investment to keep you online wherever you roam.

These devices range in price with different data options available.

Some individuals choose to hotspot off cell phones, but be aware that signals simultaneously slow down when using phones and computers.  

2. Install Solar Panels

Solar power is a necessity when choosing van life accessories.

The van culture is about self-sufficiency and finding freedom outside traditional RV parks.

Off-grid energy allows you to live in remote places with the power needed to keep your home on wheels running.

Since vans consume less energy than large recreational vehicles, the right solar panels and batteries provide plenty of energy to meet your needs.

3. Purchase a Fridge

A refrigerator powered by solar is a luxury for van living.

If you boondock on public lands or other spaces, keeping your food cold is a must.

You don’t always have the convenience of nearby stores or restaurants.

A small fridge gets the job done perfectly between visits to urban areas, so add one to your van life accessories.  

Coolers are another option, but you need an insulated cooler kept away from direct sunlight and intense heat.

Bag your goods to protect them from the onslaught of melting ice that eventually occurs. 

4. Mount Shelving Units

Space is essential in a van, so storage of items is imperative.

Beds built up high inside the van allow room for storage units underneath.

Look for storage systems that provide different size cubby holes.

Be practical about necessities, so you have room for your must-have items.

5. Use a Tire-Pressure-Monitoring System (TPS)

A TPS device is fundamental for travel.

Tire pressure changes with altitude and temperature.

You should regularly check your tires for proper inflation.

A TPS system alerts you to tire problems, such as overheating and pressure loss, before they become catastrophic events.

Adding one to your van life accessories is a key safety feature.

Do Solar Power Your Way with Van Life Accessories

Unbound Solar® has the solar equipment you need to get off-grid and live the true van life experience.

Our systems allow you to do power your way.

If you undertake your own van build or upgrades, we provide the instructions on step-by-step installs.

We have top-of-the-line products from solar panels to inverters and everything in between, so you’re ready to hit the road with confidence.

Get a quote and get on your way with the best in van life accessories!

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