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Energy bills are burdensome for all of us, but especially for you in the farming industry.

Now, if you run a poultry farm, you’ve seen your electric bill climb sky-high.

Your poultry farm relies on power for:

  • Lighting, especially during flock growth
  • Ventilation to reduce the risk of diseases
  • Heating in winter to support chicken growth
  • Cooling during summer
  • Automated feed lines

Solar energy could slash your operational costs and help keep your flock in peak health.

This way, your hard-earned money is invested in your farm and your future.

Let’s look at the pros of solar panels for poultry farm operations.

1. Solar Panels for Poultry Farm Systems Decrease Operating Costs

Each year, you face tough decisions about how to manage your skyrocketing operating costs.

Solar energy provides an exit strategy . . .

An excellent way to recoup savings and support your business needs.

Because it’s possible to eliminate a portion or all your monthly electric costs with solar energy – a true win-win.

2. Solar Panels Are Low Maintenance

Solar panels for poultry farms are shockingly low maintenance.

This is a major plus if you expend a ton of time and energy maintaining equipment.

For the most part, rain cleans dirt and debris off solar panels . . .

Although they may need more cleaning depending on where you live and the climate.

We won’t lie to you, though.

You’ll need to regularly check the solar system to make sure everything is working like a charm.

A yearly wiring and electrical system on the hardware is good practice.

3. Solar Provides Energy Independence

We’ve already covered the reduced electric bill solar gives you.

But there’s another major benefit: Energy independence.

With an aging electrical grid, solar is a necessary alternative for power production since you need a reliable energy source.

And with solar battery storage, when the grid goes down, you’re still up and running.

4. Solar Offers Financial Incentives

Installing a solar system on your property comes with financial support and incentives that keep money in your pocket:

  • Rural Energy for America Program: Grant and loan funding is available.
    • REAP grant pays for up to 25% of your total system and installation costs.
    • A REAP loan can cover up to 75% of your total project cost.
    • You can combine grant and loan funding up to 75% of total eligible project costs.
  • Federal solar tax credit: A federal solar tax credit gives you the option to deduct 26% of the system’s costs when filing your taxes.
  • Modified Accelerated Cost Recovery System (MACRS): The MACRS is an accelerated depreciation tax cut on fixed assets. For a specified period, you recover the capitalized cost of an asset through annual deductions.

If you decide to install solar panels on your poultry farm, it’s important to first speak with your energy company about their credit program for any excess energy you send back to the grid.

Power It Your Way with Solar Panels for Poultry Farm Systems

Unbound Solar® can help you achieve the energy independence you deserve.

We’ve been a leader in the solar industry for 30 years and have solutions to meet your unique needs with full, lifetime support.

Contact us with any questions you have about solar energy for your farm!

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