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Over the past decade, people have found remarkably inventive ways to leverage solar to power their homes and businesses. 

Perhaps one of unique use is solar power electric fences. 

Ranchers and homeowners often use electric fences to keep animals safely contained. 

However, keeping these fences charged can pose two main challenges: distance from power connections and ongoing power consumption cost. 

Is solar a better alternative?

How Does Solar Power Electric Fences?

If you’re envisioning big fields of solar panels to power your electric fence needs, think again. 

Depending on the size of the fenced area and the voltage, you may only need one or several small, strategically placed panels. 

These panels capture sunlight and convert it into energy. 

The setup also includes a battery system to store the solar power for nighttime use in most cases.

Like other electric fences, when animals get too close to the barrier, it releases a warning zap. 

This occurs at a safe voltage to warn animals to keep away without causing any harm.

How Well Does Solar Power Electric Fences?

Most farmers and homeowners will happily tell you that solar-powered electric fences work as well as regular fences. 

Even so, how practical is solar to use?


People with solar-powered fences have greater flexibility in placing these fence barriers and their ability to move and reset parameters. 

This is especially helpful when grazing animals in different areas throughout the year or if the property faces redesigns.


Homesteads across America have rejected on-grid living and have worked hard to maintain self-reliance. 

In some cases, properties are so remote that on-grid connections are not an option. 

Consequently, even the relatively low power usage of electric fences can become a problem. 

Using solar power for electric fences can make all the difference.


When looking to reduce your carbon footprint, every small change adds enormous benefits to the environment. 

Installing solar in any capacity reduces reliance on the grid and fossil fuels used by generators and other energy sources.

What Are Some Solar Power Electric Fences Tips?

If your property is in North America, most experts recommend pointing your panels south

This maximizes exposure of the panels to sunlight without the need to move panels throughout the day. 

Adequate sunlight also ensures the fence has the power it needs to do its job.

When choosing placements for panels, it’s also a good idea to check the spot throughout the day. 

This is especially important if there are nearby buildings, trees, or bird activity. 

Shade significantly reduces the effectiveness of your panels.

Finally, consider the size of the battery

Determine how much power the fence uses overnight and then calculate the battery size needed to accommodate this. 

Note that while lithium batteries can be discharged to low levels, this damages most other types of batteries.

Can Solar Power Electric Fences on Your Property? 

Our solar technicians at Unbound Solar® can help you determine this. 

We review your existing setup, determine additional needs, and ship the components you require. 

Contact us today.

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