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1930040                Canadian Solar 315 watt Module Black MC4 CS3K-315MS – 40mm Frame

1930011                  Canadian Solar 310 watt Module Black Mono PERC MC4 CS3K-310MS – 35mm Frame

1945585                 Mission Solar 385W Silver Frame Mono Perc – 40mm

1945587                 Mission Solar 325W, Black/Black Frame MSE PERC – 40mm

9434371                 Heliene 385W, Black/Black Frame Mono – 40mm

9434370                Heliene 365W, Black Frame Mono – 40mm

6900069                S-5-H90 Clamp

8920506                Square D QOU160 1P 60 amp AC Breaker

1450005                1″ Steel Chase Nipple

1450122                 In Line Blade 20 Amp Fuse

5560025                Receptacle, 15amp, GFCI, White, Leviton WT599-W

8932506                Panduit EDNF10-250FI-Q Male Disconnect, Nylon Insulated, 12 – 10 AWG

5560027                Receptacle, 15amp, Decora, White, Leviton 5325-W

8932504                Panduit EDNF10-250FI-Q Female Disconnect, Nylon Insulated, 12 – 10 AWG

4930410                Silentwind 24v – 1-ARSW-15-24

6944455                Quick Mount – QMTR-F3.25 A 12 – Tile Replacement Flat Tile, 12 pack

9920083                1″ Steel 90 Degree Flex Connector

9125042                Magnum ME-125F 125amp Fuse Block Assembly / Class ANL

2955020                Magnum ME-MGT-ADAPTER RS485 to RS232 Adapter & 25 ft interconnect cable

2977239                 Enphase Bulk Q Cable Per Foot

1870523                Kohler GM90763 Transfer Switch Indicator

5560034                Receptacle, Recessed 30amp 3 prong 120VAC inlet, P&S L530-FI

5560035                Receptacle, Flanged Recessed 30amp 3 prong 120VAC outlet, P&S L530-FO

9488172                 Schneider CM/R-50 Remote Meter

1922343                Solarworld 340W Scratch N Dent, Sunmodule XL Black/Black Mono SW340

9434326                Heliene 320W, Black/Black Frame Mono – 40mm Scratch N Dent

9434305                Heliene 300W, Black/Black Frame Mono – 40mm Scratch N Dent

10000230              Heliene 390W Scratch N Dent

1524768                 Jinko Solar 275w Black Poly JKM275PP-60 40mm Frame Scratch N Dent

9434327                Canadian Solar 320W, Black Mono PERC MC4 CS3K-320MS Scratch N Dent

1945586                 Mission Solar 310W, Black/Black Frame Mono PERC – 40mm – CA Produced Scratch n Dent

1945685                  Mission Solar 385W MSE385SR9S Silver Frame Mono PERC – 40mm Scratch n Dent

1930026               Hanwha Q Cell 430W, 35mm Frame, Scratch N Dent

10000258              Longi 360W Scratch N Dent

5500082                FPR-8048A-300AFCI FLEXpower Radian

2550157                Outback Radian GS8048A-01 8,000W 48V


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  • All sales are final, no returns
  • warranty is with the supplier of the product, not with unbound solar.
  • Unbound promise does not apply to the yard sale

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