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As a 100% USA Employee Owned Company, every team member at Unbound Solar is dedicated to your project’s success. We work hard with every customer on their unique DIY Solar project.

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Unbound Solar doesn’t just sell solar equipment—our technicians guide you through the entire design process. We’re here to make sure your system is compatible, code-compliant and sized to suit your needs.

Solar system sizing is a complex process, and DIYers often overlook key design factors like local climate and site considerations over time. That can lead to a poorly-sized system that falls short of your energy needs.

Our in-house tech team provides electrical wiring diagrams and system compatibility checks to ensure nothing falls through the cracks.

Ready to team up with one of our technicians? Here’s what to expect during the design process.

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Energy Evaluation

When you call or contact us online, we’ll ask you some basic questions to get started. On the first call, we’ll ask for your ZIP code and monthly kilowatt-hour usage.

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You can find your energy usage on your electric bill. It’s a good idea to gather up to 12 months of data to account for periods of higher and lower usage as the seasons change.

We’ll use this info to get a baseline system size, then customize it to your specs.

Site Considerations

Is your home right for solar? Our technicians will ask questions about factors that impact system performance, like mounting location and shading concerns.

If trees, chimneys and other obstructions cast shade where you want to mount your panels, we’ll discuss shade mitigation technology like power optimizers and micro-inverters to make your system as efficient as possible.

If you go with a roof mount system, we want to know the layout of your roof. South-facing roofs are ideal for solar. East- and West-facing roofs still work, but may need a few more panels to make up for slightly lower output.

During your phone consultation, your designer will ask questions about your site layout and tailor a system to your specific needs.

System Customization

Next, we’ll ask you about any product preferences you have. Want to support American-made panels? Looking for premium products with the latest technology? Or maybe you just want the most efficient panels you can find on a budget?

If you’re partial to any brands or products, let us know. We’re happy to customize our standard solar system packages to include whatever it is you’re looking for.

System Design Checks

System sizing mistakes can be dangerous. If the system voltage is too high, it can damage the equipment and potentially lead to health and safety hazards.

It’s really important we get this part right to ensure our customers’ safety. So every system we sell goes through a rigorous design check with our in-house tech team. We double-check that parts are compatible and everything is sized properly so that your panels supply power to the inverter at a safe voltage.

When you make your purchase, our tech team also provides a multi-line electrical wiring diagram for your system. This wiring diagram shows exactly how each component should be wired together and lists the exact sizes for wiring and conduit needed for your project.

This wiring diagram must be submitted to local building office as part of the permitting process. We provide a wiring diagram as part of every system package we sell.

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If you need a diagram ahead of time for permitting approval, we sell stand-alone diagrams for a small deposit. The deposit is credited toward your system purchase when you decide to buy from us, so there’s no extra cost for starting the permitting process early.

Permitting Guidance

Need help navigating the permitting process? We partner with Solar Permit Services to offer all-in-one permitting packages to quickly and easily secure your permit from your local building authority.

The package contains everything you need to quickly and easily file your permit, including a line diagram and technical specs for every component in your system. It’s very simple: once you fill out the online form, they send a PDF that can be forwarded to your local permitting office.

If you choose to permit with SPS, we skip the in-house wiring diagram and subtract the $100 diagram charge from your quote.

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For more info on the permitting process, download our free solar permitting guide.

Post-Sale Support

We don’t "ship it and forget it." We bank our excellent reputation on designing systems that last and making happy customers for life. Part of that is access to free in-house tech support from our dedicated support team.

If you hit a stumbling block installing, programming, or maintaining your system, give us a call and our tech team will help you through it. We don’t charge a dime to support the systems we sell.

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What Our Customers Say

Our #1 goal is to treat our customers right. Here’s what some of them have to say about their experience working with us:

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It’s Your Turn

Interested in going solar?

Unbound Solar has been designing systems since 2002. We’ve shipped over 77 megawatts of solar to date, with an emphasis on off-grid systems.

If you’re ready to get started with sizing your system, call us at 1-800-472-1142, or request a free quote using the form below.


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