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Our Serious Savings in October did so well we’re going to keep it going! 

Right now through November 30th Buy any grid tied system and get 20% off solar-panels! That’s some serious savings!

With winter right around the corner, we want you to stay warm and stay safe with your new battery backup system.

We have American build EndurEnergy 15 Kilowatt battery vault priced at $8.858; *that is about 25% below the current costs of Lithium storage system.

You want even more value?

We have reliable, low maintenance AGM Fullriver DC400 battery at 25% 40% OFF, a standard 19.9kW bank for $3.799$3.000!

It has never been a better time to get affordable solar energy at home to keep your family safe! 

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  • Offer starts Tuesday, November 1, 2022
  • Offer ends Wednesday, November 30, 2022
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Mission Solar Panels (72-cell)

  • Hail Resistant: Built 3 times stronger than industry standards to withstand 2-inch hail traveling over 80 mph.
  • Extreme Wind Load/Snow Loads: Panels can hold up to 43.2 inches (roughly 4 ft.) of snow loads.
  • Waterproof: Mission Solar panels are corrosion-proof, with water-tight soldered bonds to protect against rain, fog, dew, sea mist, and melted snow.
  • Damp Heat / Humidity: Panels undergo exposure at 85C and 85% humidity, ensuring that Mission Solar panels are sealed against cell corrosion.
  • Temperature Cycling: Tested to extreme hot and cold temperatures; thermal testing ensures that each panel can withstand the highest range of temperatures and stresses.
  • Fireproof: Mission Solar panels meet fire safety standards in all 50 states.

Heliene Solar Panels (72-cell)

  • Unparalleled Durability: A rugged design trusted by NASA to power satellites in outer space.
  • Maximum Efficiency: Heliene panels have a 20% efficiency rating — this means fewer panels needed and longer-lasting efficiency output compared to older cell technology.
  • Boosted Performance: During non-peak sunlight hours with cutting-edge N-type technology — the same technology used in comparable premium panels like LG and Panasonic.
  • Long-term Performance: A 25-year performance guarantee ensures that they’ll perform above & beyond industry standards for years to come.
  • Fantastic Aesthetics: A sleek all-black design gives you the best-looking array anywhere.

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