Install of the Month – September 2018

Congratulations to our September Install of the Month winner Luis M! Luis first got in touch with us back in the middle of 2017 to build a grid-tied system on his Spanish tile roof. Luis lives in Covina, CA (near Los Angeles) where the cost of electricity is nearly 35% higher than the national average. … Continued

Install of the Month – July 2018

Albert “Stoney” Douglas first got in touch with us back in March to plan out a grid-tied system in Boulder City, Nevada. Stoney is a seasoned DIY vet. Thanks to his experience with auto repair and home improvement projects, he felt confident he could take on a solar system installation as his next DIY project. … Continued

Install of the Month – June 2018

Our June install of the month comes from Stacy M. He built a beastly off-grid system with 24 panels and 16 batteries to power his barn in Washington. Mother Nature did her best to stall the project. After a snowfall, the cement truck got stuck in the snow, and he had to make trips back … Continued

Install of the Month – May 2018

Defying Expectations with Tom M. It feels great to prove your doubters wrong. Just ask our May Install of the Month recipient, Tom M.! He installed his DIY system for two and a half times less than what other solar companies wanted to charge him. Now, he’s free from the power company’s ever-increasing rates. This … Continued

Install of the Month – March 2018

“I prefer to do it myself.” with Garland C. Our Install of the Month for March is Arizona customer Garland C’s well-researched and fully planned out grid-tied solar system. Garland installed his system himself, with help from one friend, during the construction of his new home. Garland was after a sound return on investment and an … Continued

Install of the Month – February 2018

Carbon Negative with Chuck W. We LOVE this install from New Mexico customer Chuck W! It’s not only a beautiful install, but Chuck was also able to maximize his roof space perfectly allowing him to reach carbon negative. We’re also excited that this is our first ever Install of the Month featuring SolarEdge’s HD Wave … Continued

Install of the Month – December 2017, Round Two

Worth the Wait With Jason S. Our second DIY hero this month is Jason S., who installed a Grid-Tied system on his Indiana home to save money on his power bill. Jason is the kind of guy who knows research, planning, and striking while the iron is hot will often pay off in a big … Continued

Install of the Month – December 2017

A Family-Sized Install with Martin Verdin This month we’re taking a look at a sprawling ground-mounted install with Martin Verdin. With a little help from solar tech Wil Burlin, he was able to install a massive solar array and grid-tied solar system for his dad. Martin had bought a system from us in the past. … Continued

Install of the Month – November 2017

“Going Big on Going Green” with Jeff Dickens They say “go big or go home,” and that’s just what professional installer Jeff Dickens did for this month’s feature. He went big by going green with a full solar system on a commercial business, and the results are truly impressive. Mt. Shasta Animal Hospital is now … Continued

Install of the Month – October 2017

Have you ever weathered a hurricane? Come face-to-face with the wind and the rain as it blows at you with twice the speed of a car on the freeway? It’s one of the most powerful, terrifying experiences on Earth—and Cyril Richardson and his family went through it twice. First, in early September, 2017, Hurricane Irma … Continued