FREE Roof-Mount or 50% OFF Ground-Mount with Texan Made Mission Solar 385 Watt Panels.

When paired with SMA or SolarEdge inverter packages.

Mission Solar panels use Passivated Emitter Rear Contact (PERC) cell technology and recieve multiple quality checks throughout the production process. Their supply chain includes local and domestic vendors increasing the impact to the U.S. economy—and are considered one of the toughest panels in the market.

385 watts

Power Output





25 year


Promotion Details

We’re combining two great products with one irresistible deal. When you purchase a complete solar panel kit with the American-made Mission Solar 385 watt premium panels before Friday, November 13th, 2020, you get FREE IronRidge Roof-Mount Hardware or 50% OFF IronRidge Ground-Mount Hardware!

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  • Racking promotion eligible when you purchase a complete SolarEdge or SMA package using Mission Solar 385 solar panels.
  • System Purchase must be $5,000 or more.
  • Free IronRidge XR100 (roof mount), OR 50% OFF IronRidge ground mount racking
  • 4-6ft spacing between attachment points
  • Flashings included in our packages are for comp shingle, tile and metal roofs
  • Cannot be combined with other offers
  • Sale ends Friday, November 13th, 2020 or while supplies last.
  • Valid with check, wire or ACH payment 

Made in Texas - Tough Means Tough

Hail Resistant

Built to withstand 2-inch diameter hail traveling over 80 mph.

Wind Load/Snow Load

Panels can hold up to 43.2 inches (roughly 4 ft.) of snow loads.

Wet Leakage:

Mission Solar panels are corrosion-proof, with water-tight soldered bonds to protect against rain, fog, dew, sea mist and melted snow.

Damp Heat/Humidity:

Panels undergo exposure at 85C and 85% humidity, ensuring that Mission Solar 385 are sealed against cell corrosion.

Temperature Cycling:

Tested to extreme hot and cold temperatures, thermal testing ensures that Mission Solar panels can withstand the highest range of temperatures and stresses.

Fire Proof:

Mission Solar 385 panels are approved by fire safety standards for all 50 states.

How does PERC increase
your energy efficiency?

Reflecting Back Sheet

Light waves that pass through the cells and don’t get absorbed the first time, are reflected back into the panel for a 2nd attempt.

Reduction in Heat Admission

Contrary to popular belief, solar cells don’t work as well under too much heat. The PERC back sheet reflects only the optimal light wavelengths, thus reducing heat energy and creating optimal temperature conditions.

Improved Energy Flow

Reduces “electron recombination”, which is the tendency for electrons to cluster together, impeding electron flow. Higher, unobstructed electron flow leads to greater efficiencies.

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