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We’re fully stocked and offering you Mission Solar 345W Panels from San Antonio.

Get 30% OFF USA-Made Mission Solar 345W Panels now for $299.50 each, while supplies last.

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Promotion Details

Mission Solar Panels (60-cell)

  • Hail Resistant: Built 3 times stronger than industry standards to withstand 2-inch hail traveling over 80 mph.
  • Extreme Wind Load/Snow Loads: Panels can hold up to 43.2 inches (roughly 4 ft.) of snow loads.
  • Waterproof: Mission Solar panels are corrosion-proof, with water-tight soldered bonds to protect against rain, fog, dew, sea mist, and melted snow.
  • Damp Heat / Humidity: Panels undergo exposure at 85C and 85% humidity, ensuring that Mission Solar panels are sealed against cell corrosion.
  • Temperature Cycling: Tested to extreme hot and cold temperatures; thermal testing ensures that each panel can withstand the highest range of temperatures and stresses.
  • Fireproof: Mission Solar panels meet fire safety standards in all 50 states.
  • 60-Cell Panel Size: Perfect for a DIY installation — you can easily manage this smaller panel on your roof for a 1-person job. The industry standard is 72-cell, so this is a unique opportunity to get 60-cell panels for less!
  • Offer starts Monday, May 23, 2022
  • Offer ends Friday, May 27, 2022
  • Valid with check, wire, or ACH payment
  • Offer only available with the purchase of Mission Solar 345W panels (60-cell)

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