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Full-Service Solar
Just Got an Upgrade.

We’re ready to create a custom solar system designed for your needs, and install it for you with hands-off, turnkey service.

More choice. More control. Lifetime Support.

Full-Service Solar Just Got an Upgrade

We’re ready to create a tailored fit solar system designed for your needs, and install it for you with hands-off, turnkey service.

More choice. More control. Lifetime support.

I bought the equipment from you 5 years ago. I love that you are willing to help after all this time — and appreciate the advice. My experiences with your company have always been good ones. – Support Survey – Bill S.

Do It Your Way

and Live Independent Without Limits Self Sufficiently On Your Own Terms Your Own Way UNBOUND

We’re excited to introduce our NEW full turnkey installation service. That’s right, the leaders in grid-tie and off-grid DIY solar are extending their services into solar installation.

We’ve spent the last few years building our network by handpicking installers that meet our high standards in quality and service. This way, we ensure that you get a 5-star experience through the entire installation process.

Rocky's grid-tied system

Convenience, Without the Compromise.

You demand better options and deserve more control.

Unbound Solar gives you both with your full-service turnkey installation.  Superior system designs aren’t just for the hardcore DIYer’s anymore — It’s for everyone looking for energy independence.

While other solar companies offer cookie-cutter, one-size-fits all solar “solutions,” Unbound Solar uses nearly 30 years of experience in the industry to help you design and install a custom-tailored system built around your unique needs.

How It Works

For nearly 30 years, we’ve been helping people like you buy and install solar on their own terms. Here's how our proven system works:

1. We Design & Ship

We collaborate with you to design and deliver a system that meets your utility needs — selecting equipment from the most vetted manufacturers, so you don’t have to compromise.

2. We Install For You

We ensure your hands-off installation process is seamless. We’ll set you up with one of our hand-selected installers who handle all of your installation labor and requirements.

3. Lifetime Support

Even after your system is installed and operating, you can always count on Unbound Solar to provide the support you need — free. Just contact us at any time, and we will be there for you.

Wil took the time to line out and make sure all the parts I needed were in my order. He was quick, and even though my order was smaller than most of the ones he handles, he took the time to get it dialed in as if I were one of his more important customers. – Google – Forrest Jones.

Affordability Without The Compromise.

Unbound Solar doesn’t just sell high demand solar equipment like most “online solar suppliers” — Our seasoned technicians will guide you through the entire design process & beyond with guaranteed lifetime support. We’re here to make sure your system is compatible, code-compliant, and sized to suit your needs for the next 25+ years.

Why We're Different:

Unbound Solar

  • Choice Of Design & Equipment
  • Low Cost
  • Lifetime Support
  • Saturday Support
  • 25+ Years In Business
  • 420+ Google Reviews

Other Solar Installers

  • Choice Of Design & Equipment
  • Low Cost
  • Lifetime Support
  • Saturday Support
  • 25+ Years In Business
  • 420+ Google Reviews
The sales, tech, and electrical departments were great to work with and so helpful every step of the way. I’m so pleased with the final results. I’ve been producing power since July 2020 and have not had to pay the utility for electricity since. They are a great team. – Google – Richard Stapler.

Our Process
Is Built Around Your Success:

1: Energy Evaluation

On your first call, we’ll confirm your average monthly kilowatt-hour usage. It’s a good idea to gather up 12 months of data to account for periods of higher and lower usage as the seasons change. We’ll use this information to get a baseline system size, then customize it to your specs.

2: Site Considerations

Your personal solar designer will ask you questions about factors that impact system performance. “Dropship suppliers” usually overlook this important step. The information we gather at this stage significantly increases system design accuracy.

3: System Customization

We’ll ask you about any product preferences you have. Looking for premium products with the latest technology? We’ll explain the pros and cons of your system's components — that way, you’ll get a more informed custom solution.

4: Post Sale LIFETIME Support

We've been supporting our customers' solar installations for nearly 30 years. With Unbound Solar, you can trust the security of your solar investment with free lifetime support for decades to come.

We are Real People that Want to Help You Power Your Own Way.

We are Unbound Solar, a 100% employee-owned company in the Pacific Northwest. We play guitar. We ski and snowboard. We go biking.  We mountain climb.  We hunt & fish. We hike. We swim and surf. We love visiting new places and exploring everything around us. We are here to help – for a lifetime. 

4.7 Stars on Google / 420+ Reviews & Counting

Lifelong Customers.
Lifetime Support.

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Full-Service Installation?

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