Best Portable Solar Panels For RVs, Boats & Mobile Use (2021 Edition)

A big part of the appeal of going solar is the ability to generate electricity in places without access to power lines. This is especially important if you live your life on the road in an RV, boat, conversion van or tiny home. Portable solar panels are often less cumbersome and easier to use than … Continued

Bifacial Solar Panels Aren’t Quite Ready For Primetime

Over the past few years, there have been some interesting developments in the solar industry focused on getting the most production possible out of solar panels. One such development is bifacial solar panels. Since solar panels come in standardized sizes (either 60-cell or 72-cell), manufacturers are looking for creative ways to increase a panel’s efficiency … Continued

Solar Panel Size Guide: How Big Is A Solar Panel?

One of the first questions people ask when they go solar is: “where am I going to build my system?” Solar arrays take up quite a bit of space, and not every property has room for them. This quick guide will cover standard solar panel sizes and explain how to figure out how many panels … Continued

Mission Solar Panel Review: Pricing, Specs, Pros & Cons

Looking to go solar and support American goods in the process? Texas-based Mission Solar is our preferred manufacturer of American-made solar panels. Mission’s panels are among the most efficient on the market, and their pricing is competitive given the higher costs associated with American manufacturing. However, if you don’t mind buying imported panels, there are … Continued

Do Solar Panels Work in Winter? Your Guide To Snow & Solar Panels

Wondering if you can still go solar in cold climates? Good news: snow and solar panels are not mutually exclusive. This is a question we commonly hear from people who live in colder climates that get heavy snow in the winter. Do solar panels work in winter? Does heavy snow on solar panels affect their … Continued

Why Are Solar Panels So Expensive?

Over the long term, solar energy is the cheapest way to power your property. But it requires a significant up-front investment that slowly pays back over time. Everyone loves the idea of saving money on energy bills. But when someone puts a quote in your hands for a system that costs more than a new … Continued

Solar Panel’s Cooling Effect

San Diego, CA-  The benefits of installing solar panels on your home go far beyond the electricity produced. According to new research by the University of California at San Diego, the shade provided by a solar panel array will actually insulate your home from heat to the point of lowering cooling costs. It is estimated … Continued