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What Farmers Need to Know about Solar Panels on Agricultural Land

The number of farms paired up with solar panels is taking off. Between 2012 and 2017, there was a 150% increase in farms using lands to help produce solar energy. The surge of solar panels on agricultural land is driven by declining crop prices, making it challenging to earn a living on farm revenues alone. … Continued

How Can Farmers and Ranchers Generate Solar Farm Income?

As a farmer or rancher, you’re in a very complex business.  It’s also physically demanding and rewarding work. And you provide crucial resources to power and feed our world. But your survival and success depend on increasingly unpredictable weather and an often volatile market.  Stability is hard to come by. And this makes it difficult … Continued

Solar Panels and Water: Can You Install Solar Panels If Your Land Floods?

Renewable energies have become incredibly popular . . . But not just solar energy for people’s homes. American farms and ranches have also benefited from renewables. In fact, from 2012 – 2017, the number of renewable energy systems on farms doubled. Farmers and ranchers are converting to solar and wind energies, realizing their advantages for … Continued

Can Solar Panels Power an Irrigation System?

Farmers are increasingly looking for ways to conserve energy in their day-to-day operations.  The reasons are two-fold: #1: As the cost of operating a farming rises, cutting costs where possible is critical, especially given the unpredictability and instability inherent in the industry.  #2: Farmers are acutely aware of increasing temperatures. After all, changes in weather … Continued

Can Animals Graze Near Ground-Mounted Solar Panels?

Farmers and ranchers, if you’re looking to increase your energy independence or to develop a second stream of income, you may consider installing ground-mounted solar panels on your property.  Why is that? Because these panels work best when placed in open fields, unobstructed by buildings or trees.  And you may have land that checks this … Continued

Is Solar Battery Storage a Good Investment for Farmers and Ranchers?

Being a farmer or rancher, you know firsthand that your work requires a significant amount of energy to keep operations running.  You’re also closely connected to the land, and your livelihood depends on the environment’s health.  As such, you’re the first to recognize the effects of increasing temperatures, leading many farm and ranch owners to … Continued

Risk vs. Benefit: Is There a Connection Between Solar Panels and Fire?

Nowadays, more businesses are turning to solar power. This includes the agriculture industry. As a farmer, you know how important the environment is and the impact your carbon footprint has. Likewise, you know the sheer cost of running a farm. Solar power could reduce both your electric costs and your carbon footprint. Let’s look at … Continued

Can Solar Modules Harm Underlying Soil?

For several decades now, solar has been used to produce clean energy and reduce power bills. While solar panels are not a new invention (having been with us since 1883), creating efficient, clean, and recyclable solar panels is a work in progress. If you plan on installing a solar module on your farm or ranch, … Continued

Solar Power Grants for Agriculture

As a farmer or rancher, you’re quick to notice when energy costs rise. Operating a farm requires intensive energy inputs, so your budget can take a hefty hit when electricity prices soar. You also pay closer attention to seasonal patterns and weather trends than anyone else. The last few summers have seen record heat and … Continued

How Farmers and Ranchers Can Benefit from Solar Power

As a farmer or rancher, you undertake the most important work there is. You produce the food and resources to fuel our country . . . and the world. And in ensuring our country’s survival, you need power. But electricity rates are constantly increasing, eating into your already unpredictable profit margins. And in a capital-intensive … Continued