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What Does a Solar Ready Mandate Mean for Builders?

As a builder, you’ve been following the latest home trends. A major one is solar-powered builds. Solar technology is continually improving, and the costs of installations are plunging. Not surprisingly, many states and cities are turning to this solar power to solve today’s dual crises of energy and climate change.  Energy prices are climbing, and … Continued

8 Facts About Renewable Energy Mandates by State

If you’re a builder, it’s hard to avoid the changing trends in renewable energy in the US.  Not only is customer demand up, but policy initiatives are also on the rise at local, state, and national levels.  This includes cutting carbon emissions.  And the construction industry plays a significant role. Why? Because commercial and residential … Continued

How to Create Affordable Solar Options for Equitable Access to Renewable Energy

Solar has become a hot commodity. Why? With the price of solar energy plummeting 89% since 2010, it’s hard to ignore the money it saves you each month in electricity. It’s become so hot that 46% of homeowners are considering installing it in their homes within the past year. To date, the solar industry has … Continued

Solar Panels for Low Income Housing

In 2019, the United States surpassed 2 million solar installations, doubling from 2016 numbers and likely to double again by 2023. That sounds nice. But what does that translate to? Digging a little deeper, we find the country currently has enough solar capacity to power 18 million homes. That’s no small number. Adding to this … Continued

How to Sell Upgrades on Existing Solar Energy Systems

You, as a builder, not only design exceptional homes but are also a force for environmental change. How is that? Well, today, the construction industry provides consumers access to green building materials and equipment. And this is important because, as we all know, solar is now mandatory in California. Not to be outdone, 10 states … Continued

Do You Need LEED Credits? Here’s What We Can Do

Have you ever seen “LEED Certified” on a building? Ever wondered what it meant? If you’re a builder, you likely know already. But to ensure there’s no confusion, the LEED stands for “Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design.” The United States Green Building Council sponsors the LEED program, which provides the most widely recognized green … Continued

Can Buyers Roll the Cost of a Solar System into Their Mortgage?

As a homebuilder, you possess great expertise that most people don’t. And your years of hands-on experience have taught you the do’s and don’t’s building a house. But what do you know about solar energy systems? And, more specifically, solar financing? You’re already incredibly busy. This guide can help you advise your buyers by walking … Continued

Are You Under a Solar Mandate?

In 2018, California passed the first-ever housing rule requiring new homes built to install solar panels. This solar mandate went into effect on January 1, 2020, and is part of the state’s goal to acquire 100% of its electricity from renewable energy sources within 30 years. This new legislation has generated confusion and forced builders … Continued

Building a Home with Solar Panels: Ways to Handle Buyer Reluctance

As a builder, you have an imposing task: juggling countless consumer preferences. When designing a new community, you have to consider current trends in the overall market along with location-specific preferences. One significant decision builders are now weighing is whether to install solar in new communities. Some consumers are opposed to buying a home with … Continued

Should Builders Install the Same Types of Solar Inverters on Residential and Commercial Projects?

Solar panel power systems are becoming incredibly popular in both residential and commercial projects. More and more, business owners and homeowners alike understand how much solar power boosts their energy efficiency while significantly reducing utility costs. Builders who handle both residential and commercial projects are called upon to incorporate solar into new builds. When your … Continued