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13 Sustainable Building Practices to Consider for Your Construction Business

As a construction business owner, you know that sustainable building practices are essential.  Some would argue that sustainability is more important than ever before.  Its practices help the environment and save you and your clients time and money in the long run.  Is it time to implement more of them in your business processes? What … Continued

A Builder’s Guide to Solar Power New Home Construction

Homebuilders, did you know that only 6% of homes in the US had solar panels in 2019. But over the past year, 46% of American homeowners said they’d considered installing them? That is significant. But this uptick didn’t come out of the blue. Concerns about climate change and rising energy costs have people looking to … Continued

Why Use Solar Panels for Temporary Power for a Construction Site

When it comes to temporary power for a construction site, you’re probably used to connecting to a power grid or using gas-powered generators. Fortunately, there is another, cleaner option.  That option is using the energy of the Sun. There are many reasons you should consider solar generators for your next construction project. The Solar Industry … Continued

5 Facts About Solar Panel Specs All Builders Should Know

As solar energy becomes more popular, many builders now include solar panels in their projects.  If you’re in construction, it’s essential to understand the basics of solar panel specs.  Here’s a handy guide to help you design, estimate, or install solar energy systems for your building projects. 1. The Type of Solar Panel: Mono vs. … Continued

Tips for Finding the Best House Solar Panels for Sale

As a Builder, adding solar panels to a house might seem like an expensive investment. But the benefits far outweigh the initial costs.  Fortunately, the intense interest in solar these days extends to the residential sector, prompting many companies to offer quality options. Yet, the increased market competition means plenty of house solar panels are … Continued

What Solar Options for Homes Can Builders Offer?

For decades, solar installations served as add-on features that homeowners pursued after purchasing their homes.  However, government regulations and consumer demand have made solar a crucial component of the real estate market and even building code compliance.  California, for instance, sought to reduce dependence on the stressed grid by making solar panels mandatory for new-construction … Continued

What Does a Solar Ready Mandate Mean for Builders?

As a builder, you’ve been following the latest home trends. A major one is solar-powered builds. Solar technology is continually improving, and the costs of installations are plunging. Not surprisingly, many states and cities are turning to this solar power to solve today’s dual crises of energy and climate change.  Energy prices are climbing, and … Continued

8 Facts About Renewable Energy Mandates by State

If you’re a builder, it’s hard to avoid the changing trends in renewable energy in the US.  Not only is customer demand up, but policy initiatives are also on the rise at local, state, and national levels.  This includes cutting carbon emissions.  And the construction industry plays a significant role. Why? Because commercial and residential … Continued

How to Create Affordable Solar Options for Equitable Access to Renewable Energy

Solar has become a hot commodity. Why? With the price of solar energy plummeting 89% since 2010, it’s hard to ignore the money it saves you each month in electricity. It’s become so hot that 46% of homeowners are considering installing it in their homes within the past year. To date, the solar industry has … Continued